Decorating a "Blank Canvas" Interior

When it comes to interior design, moving into a new home is like moving into a blank canvas. Everything is smooth, pristine, and neutral; you can do anything you want, and you don’t have to battle with the previous owner’s preferences. If you want to create the interior design of your dreams, then a newly-built home is absolutely the best way to achieve it.

There is, however, a minor downside: new build homes are ready and waiting for your stamp of personal taste, but achieving this can feel like a huge undertaking. After your finances have had to deal with the cost of moving, it’s unlikely you have the budget for the full-scale decoration you’re planning. In this circumstance, you will likely feel the need to bring some personality onto your blank canvas as soon as possible-- but without breaking the bank.

In an effort to address this, below are a few suggestions that can breathe life into a blank space. These ideas allow ready built homes to showcase an element of design from the moment you move in, making you feel right at home, while still giving you time to rally your finances for a decorating blitz in the future.

No-nails picture frames

Choosing where to display wall art is always tricky, and the last thing you want to do is insert nails into a wall space that you may later choose to leave bare. The best solution is to use no-nails hanging solutions such as Command strips, so the wall is undisturbed if you later change your mind about the location of the art.

Place art on the floor

Picture frames and wall art can be propped against the wall, sitting on the floor, for a relaxed “studio” type effect that looks entirely deliberate. This helps to protect the walls while still giving the space a splash of your personality.

Rugs provide instant texture and color

Rugs are an excellent choice if you’re looking to warm up a new-build home as quickly as possible. Fluffy rugs make for a fantastic bedroom floor cover, while easy maintenance low pile will work well in areas that receive higher foot traffic. You can then either use the same rugs when you have fully decorated, or pack them away for future usage the next time you need a flash of color and texture in a hurry.

Paint the walls

As in: paint the walls with drawings, text, and other scribbles. If you’re going to repaint the walls anyway, there’s no harm in letting your artistic streak make an attempt. If you want to be precise you can either buy or make your own stencils, or you can just freehand and see what you come up with. If you’re not confident in your drawing ability, opt for letters and words; typography is still all the rage when it comes to wall decoration anyway. This is an inexpensive solution that you can easily remove, should you want to, when it’s time to decorate properly.

The above solutions should help you bring some life to a bare ready built home, allowing you to showcase your design ambitions without pushing your budget beyond what it can bear. Happy decorating!

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