Designing a Morning Routine That Will Provide Energy for Your Day

For many people, the best part of waking up doesn't involve Folgers or any other brand of coffee. Truthfully, many people hate waking up in the morning and wish they could get a few more hours to recharge their body. Unfortunately, the alarm clock goes off and it's time to start the day. However, with good planning, anyone can develop a morning routine they can look forward to.

Include these steps:

  1. Plan the night before. Before you go to bed, do a brain dump. Keep a journal on your nightstand that you use to write down all the things you're currently thinking about. Once you've completed the brain dump, write down all the things you need to remember to complete the next day. This way, you'll have it out of your mind and on paper. It'll help you to focus more. Even if you're groggy and tired in the morning, at least you can move on autopilot with the written knowledge of what needs to be completed.

  2. Stretch and get physical first.
When you wake up the next morning, the best way to get started is through stretching and connecting with your body first. Start by stretching while you're in bed. Intentionally work out the kinks in your legs, neck and other areas that might be tight. Take a look at videos like "Change your energy, Ilchi Lee". He demonstrates his morning physical exercises and how they recharge him to face the day. They even include headstand pushups. The moves Ilchi Lee does will really get your blood pumping and flowing.

  3. Drink water. Most people fail to get the right amount of water in their systems. If you fall into this category, know that you're not alone. To get things started, keep a glass of water right by your bed. Before you get started with the stretching, drink a glass of water. That way, you have one down and only a certain amount left to drink.

  4. Focus on positivity. Whether you choose to listen to motivational messages or read books on positivity, it's essential to feed your mind the right information. If you wake up and turn straight to your smartphone before starting the day, you're feeding your mind a diet of gossip, news stories, emails and social media. This is no way to get started. Whether the book you choose is a religious or inspirational one, make sure that it feeds and inspires you to face the day with passion, dedication and focus.

  5. Eat a hearty meal. Many health experts encourage the practice of eating a hearty and healthy meal to start the day. For many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's the meal that gives the body immediate fuel to get things started. If you want to get the day started on the right track, eat oatmeal with fruit toppings, a large green smoothie or eggs, toast and vegetables. You'll want to make sure that the food doesn't weigh you down. It's also important that the meal isn't heavy-laden with sugar or salt. Salt will puff you up and sugar is terrible to drink in the morning. Plus, you don't want to end up crashing later because of the sugar rush. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to developing a morning routine you'll enjoy. Who knows? You might end up turning into a morning person sooner rather than later.

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