Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Homey

Making a bedroom feel a little more homey to us is definitely an individual preference. Yet, it still means a lot of people struggle in the bedroom department, and by that we mean they don’t feel like they can relax in their own space, because it doesn’t feel like them at all! We design bedrooms around the bed, and throwing some blankets around or shutting the door at night isn’t all we can do to make sure we’re as cozy as possible when we get into bed. So, take a look at a few of these hints if you’re clawing your hair out at how bright and tacky you think your space is! It’s time to improve the quality of your sleep.

Paint the Walls Darker

Bright and light colors, like baby blues and greens and yellows are great for giving us more of a sunny disposition when we wake up in the morning, but they’re not entirely great for making us want to sleep at night.

So picking out more of a darker hue to give your walls a fresh coat is not only a good style choice, but it’s also quite a relaxing one at the same time. These are the two benefits we’re looking for in good bedroom design, so it’s time to get down to the DIY store. Pick up the pebble and mud colors, the burgundies and the blacks, even a bit of dark blue if you’re not having too much trouble. These colors are most likely to settle us down when the night rolls around and make the space feel a little more enclosed, aka cozy!

Change Your Light Fixture

A good chandelier in the middle of a bedroom can make the whole world of difference, as it can cast the light out in new and interesting ways. When you can turn on the main light and the effect doesn’t hurt your eyes, or get to be too much after a while of it being on, you’ve found the perfect lampshade for you.

Try out a fixture from Lasvit lighting, as they have some of the most intricate designs on the web. If you’re bored of paper lampshades and regular domed covers, this is the website for you! You can also find dimmer shades, which allow you to block out some of the most garish exposure.

Throw Down a Rug or Two

This is a good way to make hardwood flooring a little more manageable when you wake up in the middle of the night for any reason. After a long and hard day of working, if you have a rug by your bed, your feet are going to be a lot more thankful to you!

Even if you have a carpet, something a lot softer on top of it means you’re going to enjoy your space a lot more. They can be colorful or neutral, and they make the world of difference for filling up a space for extra coziness!

Speaking of Those Blankets...

There’s nothing against blankets here on this post, only that there’s a good way to layer them, and then there’s a lot of ways that just make them look messy! So, if you’ve got plenty of covers, comforters, and duvets to your name, it’s time to get them out of the closet.

Putting your accompaniments to good use involves color and design a lot of the time, as the neutral tones and soft hues make a bed look a lot more inviting. Of course you’re not really going to care about that at the end of the day, but wrapping yourself up in plush blankets that smell good and keep the warmth in mean we’re going to enjoy sleep a lot more.

Make sure you actually use the blankets instead of layering them in an aesthetic way, as putting a downy blanket on top of the comforter isn’t going to keep you any warmer, as your own body heat isn’t going to be trapped in by it. These materials can’t make heat on their own after all!

Plus, there’s plenty of personal touches you can add in on top of these, and they always make a room feel more like you. All in all, the bedroom is a bit tricky to get right, but there’s always some good and easy ways to make sure it’s as relaxing to your tastes as it can be. Hope you liked some of these great ways to change your surroundings to be more comfy, cozy and homey.

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