Fatal Home Security Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Do you ever worry about the security of your home? It’s easy to think that when someone breaks into your home, they will be looking to steal your TV and other valuable possessions. Most of the time that is the case, but you could be one of the unlucky few where a home break-in becomes violent, dangerous, and potentially fatal. That’s why it is important to think about security. The instinct reaction here is to immediately think in terms of advanced security features. However, before we start looking at these, it’s best, perhaps to actually consider some of the issues with security. Or rather, the mistakes that you’re making which leave your home vulnerable.

Personal Details

There are few different ways that criminals and potential thieves can easily get your personal details. After we explore how they do this, we’ll show you why it can be dangerous. First, there’s your internet. The name of your wifi can be seen by people outside your house, and this is why you shouldn’t have your name on it at all. Instead, it should be a completely random set of numbers. Personalised licence plates are another way a criminal can get your first name. As well as this, you need to make sure that you are destroying any rubbish that has your personal details on it, ripping them to shreds or burning them rather than just leaving them in the trash.

You might be wondering what a criminal can do with your first name. After all, it’s not exactly your bank details, is it? But believe it or not, it can be enough to make their game a lot easier. You might be under the impression that robbers work under the shield of night but this isn’t always the case. Many have no problem at all trying a break in during the middle of the day, particularly on a weekday when everyone might well be out of the house.

Now at this point, the only thing you can hope for is that someone on the street does notice and that they may even question the person currently on your driveway in a big white van. But of course, there are lots of reasons why a van could be there. They might be a hired gardener, a contract builder completing renovation work, or goodness knows what else. The fact is that the neighbour can’t be sure and anything that the thief knows about you strengthens their position, including your first or last name. You can imagine the type of conversation.

“Excuse me, what are you doing?”
“Oh, we were hired by Dave and Rachel to keep the garden tidy while they’re away.”

You see? It’s a lot more convincing when you have the right names of the people in the house, and they might just get away with it. Don’t forget, a gardener has a reason to head around the back of the house out of sight as well.

Leaving Keys Around

Another big mistake is leaving a set of keys in plain sight inside the house. You might think that once they’re in it doesn't matter, but it does matter because what a thief could do is actually quite scary. They might be able to get into your home at a certain point through the day without breaking and entering. Instead, they could just push open the door. And, if the keys are left out they can grab a set and quickly leave again. Once they have the keys they can come back at any point when the house is completely unprotected. You might think that you would notice if a set of keys went missing, but don’t be so sure. Just think about how many times you’ve lost them in the past and said, well, they’ll turn up at some point. But they might not because they may not even be in the house.

A similar mistake is leaving keys in the car because a vehicle is a darn sight easier to break into than a house. And even modern vehicles with hi-tech alarms can be tricked, so don’t assume your house keys are safe in the glove compartment.

Advertising Your Wealth

A lot of people worry about curb appeal these days. They want their home to look as beautiful as possible, and this might include things inside the home. After all, when people look at your property, they often will peer through the window. But that doesn’t mean that you should advertise your wealth. Rather than having that  beautiful new, 4K tv on display, you should put it in the corner next to the window so that it is hidden from the streets by the curtain. Or, make sure it’s positioned so it can’t be seen by simply staring through the glass.

That is not to say that if you do advertise your wealth, you are responsible for a break-in that may occur. Rather, we are suggesting that if there’s less incentive to break in, then a criminal will probably move onto the next house instead. After all, why bother breaking into somewhere that might have hidden riches when you can enter a house where you’re sure you’ll find a TV worth two grand that can easily be sold on the market.

Leaving The Door Unlocked

It’s certainly true to say that a lot of people feel comfortable with leaving their doors unlocked, particularly when they are in. A recent report suggested that the percentage of people who regularly leave their home door unlocked could be as high as five percent. That may not seem like a lot but it’s still a few million people, and if you’re one of those individuals, there’s something that you need to know.

First, when you break into a home with a door that is unlocked or a window that is open, it is still breaking and entering. It is not a lesser crime because the law actually refers to breaking and entering as ‘breaking the threshold’ of the property. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this won’t stop a thief from targeting something that they think might be easy. That would certainly be the case if your door was unlocked.

The mistake that people make here is that unless someone actually walks up to the door, they won’t know it’s unlocked, which is fair enough. However, you would be surprised how many door to door salesman occasionally turn the handle to see if they are being screened or if no one is in. A cold door salesperson won’t enter of course but someone else might which is why you can never be too careful.

The same thing could be said for leaving your windows open at night. You might think it’s a good way to get the air circulating, but it will probably lead to more issues than you think. As such, you should make sure that you are investing in an air conditioning unit, instead of leaving the window open. Or make sure that there is a security latch on the inside that can’t be easily broken.

Basic Security

Now, we can start thinking about security. After all, security isn’t going to matter much if the door is left open anyway. But assuming that you haven’t made some of the worst mistakes with securing your home, you might find that tech security comes in handy, if you invest in the right type. You might think that all you need to protect your home is basic locks and a fairly solid alarm system. But if you really want to protect your property you need to think outside the box, perhaps starting by looking at the possibility of a more sophisticated alarm. For instance, you can get one with a silent alert system.

What’s the benefit of a silent alert system? Well, if you look at alarm system specs, you’ll see that a silent alarm can protect your home without alerting the thief. If you want to catch them in the act, this is the best way to do it. They’ll still be on the property when the authorities show up at your door.

And if you are really worried about a violent break-in, regardless of how rare they might be, you may want to consider installing a panic room in your property. A panic room is a secure place you can hide while burglars are inside your home. They can’t get in and hopefully, you’ll have an alarm in there as well as a phone out to make sure that you can contact the authorities.

Of course, beyond this, you can also think about extreme security measures such as shatter-resistant glass. Ask a police officer, and you will typically find they’ll tell you the most common way people break in is by smashing a window. They can’t do this if the glass is shatterproof. This can be achieved by adding an extra coating inside the window to strengthen it and make sure that brunt force won’t allow a thief to enter your property.

We hope you find this advice useful and avoid some of the most troubling mistakes people make when securing their home.

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