Feeling Unfufilled? Maybe You Need a New Career

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in life, it could easily be to do with your career. Is it boring? Do you dread heading to work each day? Do you just wish you were doing something more useful, more notable, more helpful? The good news is, you can. Life is too short to spend so much of it doing something you don’t like, and that doesn’t allow you to be you. So take a look at these creative and interesting careers that you can do instead.


If you know your Semillon from yourchardonnay and your Merlot from your Malbec, then the career of sommelier could be ideal for you. You definitely need to not only enjoy wine, but to understand it, and especially how it relates to different foods and flavors because a sommelier is a wine steward. They tend to work in high-end restaurants, and they organize everything to do with the wine there. Customers will ask the sommelier for their recommendations about which wines will go with the dishes they’ve ordered, and pairing them correctly can make a good dish become a great one, and enhance the restaurant’s reputation. Sommeliers also get to travel to visit different vineyards and sample wines before ordering them in. There are courses you can take to become qualified.

Train Driver

If you were ever the kind of kid who was in love with trains and desperately wanted to drive one, and then boring real life took over, what’s stopping you from going back to your original dream now? You can learn how to drive a train through the training that will be given when you get the job, so don’t worry about experience. Of course, the pay will be low to start with, until you are able to drive unaccompanied, so you might need to make sure you have savings to cover the shortfall, but wouldn’t it be worth it if you could drive trains all day and get paid for it?

Tattoo Artist

Being a tattoo artist is a highly skilled profession, and it can take years to become an expert at it. Remember that just because you’re a good artist, that might not necessarily translate into being a good tattoo artist; there is a very definite and unique set of artistic skills required. That’s why, if this is a route you’re thinking of going down, you should begin with an apprenticeship placement in a reputable tattoo shop. Once you’re good at what you’re doing, you could look for a full-time job, or you could even set up your own shop and work the hours that suit you. If you want to expand and fix other tattoo artist’s mistakes, purchasing a tattoo removal laser from http://sentientlasers.com/ is a good way to boost your profit margin.

Bereavement Coordinator

If you want to do something more worthwhile with your life, becoming a bereavement coordinator could be perfect for you. Death is scary, and something that no one is ever really prepared for. Bereavement coordinators make learning about the death of a loved one as easy to take as possible, and organize the social workers who might need to take on such a case. It’s not an easy job, but it is essential, and can make people’s lives that little bit better at a terrible time. It generally requires a college degree.

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