Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

With winter (eventually) coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to the seasons ahead. No matter whether you live in perpetual warm weather, or if you have seasons that constantly change, there will be some point where the sun will come out and you'll want to use your garden for yourself or to entertain. So, assuming that your winter has been cold, how do you prepare your garden when it’s still frosty, wet and windy?


While the weather is below par, the weeds in your garden won't be growing or pollinating, so now is the best time to get them gone. Use a concentrated weed killer, as a wide spray will simply wash away in the rain. Or get a trowel and uproot them manually. Make sure you get the head and the root, otherwise they are just going to come back. The majority of weeds that grow in the winter are grasses and moss, so they shouldn’t be too hard to dig out.

Flower Beds

Start combing your flower beds. Once the weeds are gone you can prep your flower beds by breaking up the soil from where it has been packed in by the frost and rain. Clear away the rocks, and get the flower beds ready for planting in a couple of months. If you think that the weather is going to turn harsh again, then add a layer of wood chips over the soil - it will protect your plants from the ravishes of frost. Just make sure while you are foraging in your garden, to not disturb any hibernating animals - who will be waking up soon.


Hibernating animals will start waking over the next couple of months, and the migrating birds will start to come back, so give them a helping hand. They will be tired and low in energy, so pop out some feeders and water. Animals like squirrels who don’t hibernate but rather just sleep a lot over the winter, will have depleted their store of food over the past couple of months so, again, put out some feeders to help them out. Birds will be starting to build nests, so the twigs and dead plants you have pulled out, pop them on a surface the birds can get to. You can use a mesh bird feeder and thread the sticks through. Add in any threads you have lying about from old jumpers or socks, even pet fur will be great.


Building some new fixtures in your garden now will save you time in the spring. You don't want to waste any of the warm weather, so do the work now. Think about what you’re going to use your garden for in the warmer weather; growing veg, entertaining, a playground for your kids? Think about installing a stone pizza oven or a BBQ for dining alfresco. Or a permanent greenhouse will give you time and the right environment to begin your planting. You might want to hold off the swing set and trampoline for now, but plotting and clearing the space they are going to occupy will save you time in the future.

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