How to Furnish Your Home on a Shoestring

At last you have finally got the keys to your new home! It has probably taken years of scrimping and saving for the deposit, leaving little cash left over to furnish it. Before you enter panic mode and decide that total minimalism is your style, relax as there are many ways to furnish your home, even if you’re on a tight shoestring budget! In fact when you source your furniture from different outlets you will create an eclectic look which will truly reflect your style. Buying expensive furniture from the same range in furniture stores can actually look a little bland.


So where should you start in your search for furniture bargains?

Freecycle (or your area's equivalent)
It is possible to furnish your home for absolutely no cost at all! Sites such as freecycle allow people to advertise their unwanted items for people to take away for free. Often furniture that is unwanted is quite bulky and difficult to dispose of by owners, they may want to free up space quickly for the arrival of new furniture, or they may simply embrace an eco lifestyle and like to see their unwanted items go to good use. No matter what there reasons for giving away their furniture it is of great benefit to people who are on a tight budget.

Bidding sites
Lots of people list their unwanted furniture on bidding sites such as ebay. Often the furniture can be bought at a very reasonable price. Ensure that you read the description properly so that you’re aware of any imperfections or faults. There is such a huge choice of furniture on these sites that you will be able to take your pick.

Did you know that you can also using bidding sites for other services too. If you fancy House cleaning tips for your new home, or you would like to bid for house cleaning services there are sites available.

Charity shops and thrift stores
People don’t just donate clothes and books to charities. Furniture, electricals and white goods are donated too. In fact there are whole stores dedicated to selling second hand furniture. The great thing about these stores is that their stock changes almost daily - they are literally Aladdin caves full of furnishing treasure!  

Donations from family and friends
Family and friends will probably love to help out with furnishing your home, they could certainly be useful with helping you to decorate your home on a budget. Organise a decorating party at your new place. Trade drinks and food for painting your walls!

The only downfall to family and friends making donations is that you may be worried to turn items down, if they’re not to your taste! Be tactful and don’t take everything you’re offered. The chintz sofa that has been at your great aunties house for the last forty years may not be best placed in your new abode!  

To conclude, it is very easy to furnish your home to a high standard on a budget and recycling is fantastic for the environment.

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