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I am a true believer that updating our home decor doesn't have to cost a fortune!  One of the ways that we stay within budget, is changing out our curtains and throw pillows, or sometimes with an inexpensive piece of new artwork.  We've talked before on here about how I like to have a couple different types of curtains stored away so that I can switch them out when I get bored, or just to freshen up for each new season.  I have several different colors and weights of curtains in my linen closet.  Since it's Winter now, we have lined or insulated drapes on our windows to help keep our home warmer.  But in the Summer I like having clean, white curtains that can flow in the breeze.

We also have curtains that divide our living room from our dining room and kitchen.  Large, open concept spaces seem really great in concept, but sometimes, we like to close the rooms off from each other a little bit.  The curtains help there.  I also like how it adds a softness to the room and if/when we want to go back to a "minimalist" approach again, we can just take down the curtains.

I have also been known to hang a long, decorative curtain rod in the bathroom to hang regular curtains in front of the tub, instead of a shower curtain.  Of course I use a shower liner on the inside, but I really loved the elegant look of a real curtain rod and longer curtains on the outside of the tub.  It made everything look just a little more . . . . je ne sais quoi.

I always have a hard time getting rid of any of my curtains (donating them), because I just know that at some point in the future, I'm sure I'll want to hang that color or pattern again.  But, sometimes I have moments, when I go through my house and try to de-clutter, and get rid of at least 10% of my stuff.  I usually do that at least 2 or 3 times a year. Sometimes I donate my curtains in those big sweeping, decluttering moments and I always end up kicking myself later.

Why, oh why did I give away the green curtains?  Such a fun color for Spring!  Or the solid Navy ones?  Really, a good basic color for any season.  Thankfully, I was smart enough to keep the solid red ones, which actually started as the curtains that hid the bathtub at our old house!  They have since hung in the living room, and the dining room in our current house.  See what I mean by switching things around?  Oh also. . . . . I hung those red curtains on the posts of my canopy bed for a splash of color one time as well. I guess those red ones have actually made it around quite a bit!

I probably switch my curtains out about 3 - 4 times a year.  Yeah, like I said, I get bored easily. And when it comes to that, my daughter is the same. That home-dec lovin' apple didn't fall far from this tree.  😉  In fact, almost everything she asked for for Christmas was stuff to decorate her room.

That girl might actually switch her room decor and curtains out more than I do!  She's always trying to take my curtains, too.  Little sneak!  Luckily there are a lot of Great Curtain Options out there that are very budget-friendly, so that we don't always have to fight over who gets to hang which ones. 

She actually has 2 pairs of curtains in her bedroom because she has one pair on her window, of course.  But, she also needs a pair for her closet, because when we moved in the closets had those sliding doors that slide back and forth and you can only see one side of the closet at a time.  Drove. Me. Crazy.  In fact, I told my hubby that if he ever put those kind of doors on a closet again, I would divorce him.  JOKING, of course!  (They were on the doors when we moved in.) But, I love the curtains so much better than the doors which never really slid well in their tracks.  It makes it easier to access the closets and it's another place that my daughter can add more personality into her room.

So, whether we're in the mood for a quatrefoil pattern like the ones below,

or a chevron pattern, like  this blue one. . . . which my daughter would LOVE, since she's totally diggin' on blue right now. . .

or leaf curtains, (how cute are the ones below?) we can both be happy with our current choices and not have to fight over them.  We just take turns.  Haha!  And when we're both done with them, they go back into the linen closet until the next time we get bored.

Do you enjoy switching up your home decor by switching out curtains, pillows and artwork?

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  1. SO true! I love how switching out curtains and pillows makes a difference in my home. It's refreshing isn't it?

    1. It is very refreshing! I need change every now and then! Glad we're not the only ones. :)


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