Looking and Feeling Good: How to Stylishly Accessorize Your Look

Wherever you’re going, you want to look good and feel good.  How you choose to dress and accessorize will impact how you successfully achieve this. Having a new item in your wardrobe can be all you need to inspire you to add more quirk to the way you dress, to keep feeling the confidence you felt while walking tall in a new pair of shoes or a figure-hugging dress. Some clothes will help you achieve that feel good factor; maybe something more daring than you usually might go for, or a dress that works to accentuate your features flawlessly. Accessories and added extras can make or break an outfit, so learn how to incorporate them as seamlessly or extravagantly as you please.
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Key Items

There are some fashion faux pas that you’ll want to avoid; the classic socks with sandals look springs to mind. However, others such as colour clashing can be a fun look, although not always appropriate for an office environment. If you can’t wear your personality as vibrantly as you’d like in certain work environments, then having a statement piece of jewelry that accurately communicates your personality is just the ticket. It will ensure you’re sticking to the dress code, all the while wearing something fun, which shows off your style. Roma Designer Jewlery has a range of silver and statements pieces that could work with your chosen outfit. A classic leather strapped watch adds an element of class and sophistication to an outfit, as does a simple leather belt through the hoops of skinny jeans or cigarette trousers. 
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Keep your outfits unfussy and then dress them up with special pieces such as a silken scarf or a new tailored jacket, for example. Don’t be afraid to mix casual items with more formal ones – light cotton summer dresses with leather jackets look slick and sharp. Mix it up and see what works for you.
Know The Dress Code

Different functions will dictate different dress codes so figure out what is expected from the event you’re attending and dress accordingly. You might have a dinner event to attend for work where the dress code is black tie; a dress and a blazer or slim fitting cardigan will fit the bill for this, but now turn your mind to teaming this with a large ring with a glimmering stone for instance. If you’re attending a dinner date or a lunch function, wearing a plunging neckline is a device to add femininity to your sophisticated ensemble. You’ll stand out, too, with an ornate necklace.

Keep It Classic
There will always be some classic accessories that work effortlessly to transform your outfit regardless of the event. Classic silver hoops for example, or a delicate pair of pendant earrings. A simple chained necklace will do this too. When thinking classic, try to stay with either silver or gold jewelry, as mixing both colours can detract from the simplicity of your look.

Pieces You Love

Wear the jewelry you love; the pieces that draw attention to you and have people asking where your beloved accessories are from. Before anything else, make sure you love the jewelry you wear and own – in turn you’ll be happy and confident wearing it.

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