Non-Traditional Ways You Can Stay Fit and Include Activity in Your Life

Life is busy. This is a fact we are all aware of, and in reality, the majority of people are living on a day-to-day basis. In order to get things done, people often have to make sacrifices somewhere in life, just so they have enough time. One area that tends to get pushed aside is making time for physical activity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 21.7% of Americans over the age of 18 are meeting the guidelines for muscle-strengthening and aerobic activity. That is a rather dismal number and shows just how many people could stand to make improvements in their life.  If you tend to be the type of person who doesn’t enjoy the gym atmosphere, and you can’t figure out how you’d have time to workout at home, then you may benefit from some non-traditional exercise and activity suggestions instead. So, let’s get to it.

Have Fun with Your Dog

For those who own a dog, consider yourself lucky, as you’ve got a built-in activity partner. A dog can motivate you to get outside and go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride, or, to just run around and toss a ball for them. Dogs require exercise to stay healthy, just like you, so why not become “workout buddies” and engage in activities that feel like fun rather than exercise.

Perhaps you don’t own a dog, but you’ve been thinking about getting one. If so, be sure to check out the website for all kinds of helpful information. It can help you to decide which breed would work best with your lifestyle, and your desire to stay fit.

Enroll In a Dance Class

Instead of signing up for a local aerobics class, why not enroll in something fun like a dance class? Dancing has been shown to help with balance and gait, improve coordination, and counts as cardio. What's great is that it can also be enjoyed even in your senior years, so it's something you can keep up with over time. Not to worry, there’s no need for a dance partner to join a dance class. You can join on your own!

Create Your Own Walking Club

Walking on your own can be incredibly boring, which makes it hard to find the motivation and get out there. If you live close to friends, you can make your very own walking club. Plan to meet at least once a week and get out there and speed walk. You can take advantage of the time together to chat and catch up, all while working on your fitness.

Feed Your Green Thumb

If gardening is something that appeals to you, now is the chance to go full-throttle with it. Gardening is an excellent way to be active, burn calories, use muscles you don’t always use, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Many Ways to Stay Fit

Creating a routine or workout can seem overwhelming, and the fact is, that a "traditional" workout routine is not always needed. One way to get in shape and stay fit is to just get moving. 

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