The Secrets to Attracting Customers to Your Venue

Do you want to encourage more customers to visit your entertainment venue? There are multiple ways you can increase both your visitors and revenue. Grow your profit margin by finding out the secret to attracting customers to your venue.

Host an Event

Generate a buzz by hosting an event at your entertainment venue, which will have people queuing at the door to come inside. There are various events you can host on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that will draw a crowd. For example, you can host dinner parties, an open mic night, or hire a band to attract customers to the event. You could even book a male revue from Hunk the Show to host the ultimate ladies’ night that’ll be sure to impress your girlfriends.

Advertise Your Business Across Social Media

If people aren’t coming to your business, bring your business to them through social media. Utilize the viral power of the many online social media platforms, as it provides the perfect forum to advertise your venue to many people across the local community. Always post the highest quality photographs, combined with informative, engaging, and well-written content that will positively reflect your business, so you can create a great first impression of your company.

Make the Most of Major Events

Use major events to your company’s advantage. For example, you can encourage footfall by hosting a New Year’s Eve party, a Valentine’s Day dinner, or Christmas office parties. People are more likely to socialize and explore different opportunities during major events, so make the most of the opportunity by launching events to attract more customers. It’s also important to advertise the event in advance to confirm bookings.

Offer Discounts

One sure-fire way to encourage people to walk through the door is to provide discounts. Two for one drinks or happy hour will attract visitors from across the community, and you should launch the offer during the early evening when business is a little slow. If you can increase the number of people visiting your venue through offers, you will give them grounds to return, so it’s an effective way to increase customer loyalty.

Boost Brand Awareness

Spread the good word about your business by attempting to increase your brand awareness. There are many ways you can do so; for example, you and your staff can volunteer for a worthy community cause. You could also sponsor a local sporting team and feature your company logo on their clothing. When people can learn more about your brand, it's more likely your business will remain in their minds.

Improve Your Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your venue is, or how affordable your products and services are, people will not return if you provide poor customer service. Keep customers coming back by making exceptional customer service a priority. You must be willing to go above and beyond for your customers, and every member of staff must be warm, welcoming, and friendly. You might be surprised by the impact this will have on both customer loyalty and turnover.

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