The Unseen Reasons Your Home is Freezing

Macro of one snowflake on a pine needle in Flushing, Michigan

Brrrrrr! It’s cold isn’t it? But how can it be so cold even though you’ve wrapped up warm, layers upon layers upon layers, the heating is at tropical levels, and every door and window is closed?  

While you have done everything you can think of to keep your home warm during those bitter winter months, there could be a few places around the house you either wouldn’t expect or can’t see. This can cause even the warmest of homes to be hit by the chill, as well as driving your energy bills up like nobody’s business.


When dealing with a cold home, the majority of the time it is the places you never see that brings the cold in like you are standing in an arctic tundra. This can be around the base of the home, where wear and tear has caused holes and loose panels over the years, or on the roof, following bad weather. If this is the case, consider investing in storm and hail damage roof repair, to ensure there are no gaps, as this can lead to critter intrusion and damp, as well.


The doors and windows may be closed, but sometimes that isn’t enough. No matter how diligent you are with ensuring that windows and doors are closed and locked, if there are gaps underneath and around the frame, then the cold will be sure to get in.

If this sounds familiar, then checking the entranceways around the rooms in your home for gaps and installing draft excluders will go a long way towards keeping the cold out and, more importantly, the heat in.  


It is important to insulate your home to massively reduce the chance of shivering to death during the colder months. Most homes will now come fully lined with insulation inside the walls, meaning that most should not need to worry about this.

However, older properties may not be privileged to such a luxury. Taking out an insulation check on your home will give you the information that you need, and will allow you to save more money than you might have imagined on heating and energy bills.


One overlooked reason that your home is so cold is also the way that your home is arranged. If you have larger sofas in front of the radiator, then you are losing valuable heat as it is being blocked and unable to circulate around the rest of the room.

This is true of every other piece of furniture in the home. Going around your house and rearranging the layout of your furniture will help the warm air better flow around the house and will leave your home much more comfortable as a result.


Addressing these often neglected factors that influence the temperature of your house will go a long way towards solving any uncomfortable chill that might be biting through the home. Not only will they save your fingers from falling off, but they will also contribute significantly towards reducing your heating bills during the time of the year where your bank account might be looking a bit more depleted than usual.

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