Tips for Securing Your Rental Property for Tenants

If you rent out your home, you want your tenants to feel as safe as possible, even if your property is in a relatively safe neighborhood. With so many ways to secure your home, such as leaving the job to the pros of Alder Home Security, it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the most effective measures you can put to good use for your rental property.

Proper Lighting Is Everything

Simply having the right lighting layout could keep would-be-burglars and criminals away from your property. The exterior, front, sides and back of the property should be well-lit. Think about mixing lights that are always on, such as for the front, and motion-activated lights, which are a good idea for the garage and sides of the home. The inside of the property should have well-illuminated hallways and stairwells. Let your tenants know they should contact you immediately to replace burnt out or malfunctioning lights.

Get Landlord and Renters Insurance

While you might have homeowner’s insurance, the game changes when you decide to rent your property. That means you’ll want to look into getting landlord insurance, which is intended to protect your property as well as all belongings on the premises. Additionally, you might also want to think about asking your tenants to have renters insurance. Either way, renters should know your insurance policy only protects your property and your belongings, not theirs. Both of you should speak with your insurance providers about the minor and major details of the property and your respective items so your policy is airtight and wholly effective.

Secure All Doors

All exit and entry doors on the property should be constructed of durable materials and free of all glass, which can be broken. Your doors should also have quality deadbolts and chain locks so tenants can easily communicate with the person on the other side of the door without sacrificing safety. Doors with peepholes are also a good idea for tenants who’d rather not open the door.

Think About a Property Manager

There’s a chance your rental property is far from your residential property. If so, consider hiring a property manager who can help you with upkeep as well as act as a security deterrent. Property managers can also better ensure any problems that arise are taken care of quickly and efficiently to your satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of your tenants, better ensuring everyone is well-pleased. Something else to think about is the fact that a property manager can help you find tenants, conducting screenings and interviews so you can better ensure the criminal element you seek to keep away from your property doesn’t move into your property.

Have Emergency Numbers Plainly Displayed

All tenants should know whom to call in case of emergency. Not all situations demand a call to 9-1-1, and knowing exactly whom to contact can keep a situation from spiraling out of control as well as potentially save lives. Specifically, emergency numbers should be posted on the fridge, in a common area or the back of tenants’ doors. Make note of the number to the local fire department, police department and your emergency contact number. Adding the address of the nearest hospital or urgent care center is also a good idea.

Carbon Monoxide and Fire Detectors

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute must in every residence, owned or rented. If you like, you can install special detectors with smart sensors that use mobile apps to send you an alert should anything happen. You’ll be able to reach out to your tenants to ensure they’re okay and work with them when it comes to filing insurance claims if need be.

Be sure you don’t skimp when it comes to securing your rental property. Using the above tips is sure to benefit you as well as your tenants.

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