What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

When it comes to our mentality, our appearance has more of an impact than many of us realize. Of course, most of us acknowledge that when we feel good, we look good and vice versa. It's why we make an effort to pick the best clothes, and put on makeup, and so forth. Aside from being for other people, the majority of us do these things because they make us feel good. They help us prepare for the day ahead. They make us feel like our best versions of ourselves.

But, if this is as far as your considerations go, it’s possible you aren’t making the most of the link between mentality and appearance. In truth, compartmentalizing your wardrobe for different aspects of your life can take you far. This way, you’ll be able to enter the necessary headspace straight away. Dedicating set pieces to set purposes can also ensure you always get your image right. No matter what you’re setting off to do, you’ll be able to reach for the ideal outfit.

For proof, we’re going to look at a few of the different aspects you should consider. Each of these calls for very different fashion choices, so each is worth thinking about.

The mom

If you’re a mom, this is likely the role you need to fall into most readily. Fashion and moms are two things which don’t often go hand in hand. In truth, though, it’s entirely possible to look good while parenting. That said, it’s also important to bear in mind that a mom needs to have easy access to practical clothes. Child’s play can get messy. Even when they grow up, you never know what sticky situations they can get you into.

So, what types of clothes should you include in the ‘mom’ section of your wardrobe? Comfortable shoes are always a must, and it might be worth starting here. With the right shoes on your feet, you’ll be invincible. Trainers are always a good idea. These can serve you through everything from football practice, to moving into college. Even better, decent quality pairs are sure to last for years to come.

As for your clothes themselves, that all depends on your fashion. There are no strict rules here about what’s best. The closest guideline you should stick to is that you want items which are relatively easy to slip on. Jumpers and casual tops are always a good idea. Elastisized bottoms will also work well, as you can slip them on and get going. Other than that, the fashion world is your oyster. Whether you love stripes or plain colors, you can pick whatever you fancy.

The professional

On the other end of the scale is your professional self. In many ways, this area of your wardrobe is most important of all. No matter what you do, the chances are that you have a particular image to uphold. In some cases, this quite literally means wearing the uniform given to you. But, even if your workplace doesn’t have a uniform, you need to work on perfecting your image here. The right outfit, after all, could mean the difference between a deal and no deal.

So, what should you include on the professional side of your wardrobe? Again, it all depends on your job. Obviously, those with uniforms won’t need to worry half as much here. The hard work has been done for you. If you work in an office, suits are always best to keep a professional image. Dresses are always a good idea, as well. You’ll want outfits for everyday office wear, as well as something a bit special for business meetings and such.

It’s also worth thinking about the shoes in this section. Comfort should be the priority above all here. After all, you’ll be wearing them for hours on end. In specific fields, you may even spend significant portions of that time on your feet. But, the needs here also vary depending on your career. Office workers may be best with flat shoes which still project a professional image. They may even be able to get away with high heels given the time they spend sitting.

By comparison, nurses and other medical staff are on their feet for the duration of their shifts. If that sounds like you, it may be better to learn about algeriashoeshop.com and their array of medical professional shoes. Equally, retail workers want something which is practical and pretty. Adequate support and padding is a must. For some, such as builders and other manual laborers, the correct footwear is a matter of health and safety. In this instance, boots are always best. Steel capped options are advisable. They protect you from any unfortunate toe accidents.

The romantic

For all our other roles, we often forget that we’re also lovers and partners. We are objects of desire for our special someone, and that deserves a wardrobe section of its own. After all, you can’t rest easy because you’ve already got your partner, and think you can now stop making an effort. In fact, attitudes like that lead to the break up of many a long-term love interest. Instead, you should always make an effort to make sure your lover desires you. That, in turn, will make you feel sexy and good about yourself. Besides, having a ‘romantic’ area in your wardrobe ensures you make the necessary time for each other. When else will you get to wear those gorgeous clothes?

Here, sexy is the name of the game. As mentioned above, this is all about desire. As such, you should do away with the personas already mentioned as much as possible. Forget comfort or professional clothes. You want something which flashes a bit of flesh. Over the shoulder numbers are ideal for this, as they show enough to be sexy without going over the top. Heels are also a good idea, as they elongate your legs and draw the eye. Pair those up with an above-the-knee dress, and you’re sure to be onto a winner. Jewelry is also worth your time here. With a subtle necklace, you can draw your partner’s attention to one of the most sensual places in your body. Whew, it’s getting a bit hot in here!

The healthy

No matter how deeply buried, we’ve all got a side of ourselves somewhere which would like to get healthy. If you think this aspect features enough in your personality, it’s worth making room for it in your wardrobe. With a bit of luck, that will even mean you dedicate a little more time to this side of yourself. Whether you want to get into a regular walking routine, as outlined on sites like sharecare.com, or simply exercise more often, your clothes could help you do it. You should stock this drawer with jogging bottoms galore. You want easy-breathe options which allow for plenty of movement. It’s also worth stocking up on a decent pair of sporting trainers, which absorb as much shock as possible. For the runners out there, these will prove invaluable.

It’s worth sparing a thought for your undergarments here, too. Us ladies have no end of trouble with our chests when getting into the swing of things. By stocking up on a sports bra or two, you ensure you won’t have to worry about that anymore. It’s also worth stocking up on plenty of hair pieces here, too. Hair bands to keep your face clear during workouts are a must.

The creative

It’s also worth acknowledging that we all have a little creative flair about us. No matter whether you’re an artist or an accountant, you’re sure to have a little spark in there somewhere. And, your clothes are the ideal place to let this run wild. Set aside an area which allows you to explore your clothes related creativity. Here, you can place the pieces which don’t fit in the other areas mentioned. These are clothes you own because they’re fun and you enjoy wearing them. Frankly, that’s plenty of reason for giving them an area of their own. The joy of this section is that there are no rules. There are no set clothes you should keep here. If they put a smile on your face, they deserve their place. Turn to these outfits when you need a creative burst, or just when you want to have a little fun. After all, you are a blank canvas, and your clothes are the decoration.

A final word

So, there you have it. A few ways to compartmentalize the different aspects of your wardrobe. Of course, the sections which are relevant will vary depending on you as a person. Pick and choose which ones suit, and add some of your own as you see fit. Either way, this is the ideal way to ensure your wardrobe suits you and your headspace at any given time. Give it a try and see how this works for you. The chances are that it’ll transform your dressing experience for good.

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