What You Can Learn About Living a Long & Healthy Life from Mick Jagger!

When you think of the Rolling Stones, you probably don't think about clean, healthy living. However, the lifestyle of front man Mick Jagger has changed a lot since the band's wild early days.  Since the '90s, Jagger has actually been doing all the right things to not only keep himself healthy and full of life into his 70s, but to also allow him the stamina to keep on giving dynamic, exuberant performances on demanding stadium tours.

Here are some of Jagger's habits that you can adopt too if you want to feel full of energy as you get older:

Great Posture

One sign of health in older people is how well they carry themselves. Mick Jagger, if you watch him on stage, has the posture of a much younger man – in fact, a much younger Mick Jagger. While most people begin to lose some of their postural structure in the back and neck as they age, with good muscular fitness you can fight the forces of gravity better and retain good posture throughout your life.

The kind of training you should do for this is training that works on the core muscles in your torso, for instance Pilates. 
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Additionally, you should work to correct any postural problems you already have, as while these may not cause too much trouble when you are young, they can worsen with age. Research common postural problems like 'duck feet', forward head carriage and anterior pelvic tilt. Often when you know you have one of these problems they are easy to correct with specific exercises and mindfulness about how you sit and stand.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you look at Mick Jagger height weight stats, it is clear that despite appearing very slender, he is a very healthy weight for his height. Jagger is 5ft 10 (though his fondness for tall women means he often looks shorter in pictures!), and weighs around 160 pounds.

Mick Jagger has a big support team that includes dieticians, personal chefs and trainers, which of course isn't a luxury most of us can afford, however eating a clean, healthy diet and keeping your weight within healthy boundaries is one of the most important ways to be healthy and energetic in old age. Extra weight begins to put even more strain on bones and joints as you age, and of course there are also risks like heart disease that come with high weight and poor fitness.

Cut Back on Alcohol

While it may not sound very rock 'n' roll, as you age, the partying starts to take a bigger toll on your body. As early as your early thirties you can begin to experience those hangovers that last for days, and which are far more debilitating than in your youth. Like Mick Jagger has done, it is best to accept that phase of your life is over and that there are lots of other ways to socialize and have fun, and keep drinking to a minimum!

While he may seem an unlikely fitness role model, Mick Jagger's health and fitness regime is actually very much on point, and we can all learn a lot from him!

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