You've Bought Your First House! Now What?

Firstly, congratulations! Getting a foot on the property ladder is big business, and a very important step in life. Whether you’ve bought with your partner, a friend, or on your own, it probably wasn’t the easiest of processes – after mortgage meetings, tax payments, and insurance policies, you might be left feeling a little bewildered and exhausted.

Now, though, is where the fun really begins; you’ve got the house, now you have to fill it and make it a home! If shopping for interiors gets you excited, you won’t need much persuasion. If it fills you with dread, then systematically planning the place, room by room, will make shopping feel much more manageable. Either way, you’ll likely have some questions, to which you’ll hopefully find answers below.

Crafting your perfect kitchen

You’ll often hear people say, ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’. This is because it’s not just an important hang out for those who love to cook, it’s also for families to have as a meeting place at the end of the day, so you’ll want to feel very much at home in it.

The most valuable asset to your kitchen is likely the fridge – sure, it’s important to keep your food fresh, but have you ever thought about what your fridge says about you? Open up any friend’s fridge, and odds are you’ll find clues to their lifestyle. A big family fridge is packed to the brim, with multi-packs, kiddy food and juice cartons, and parent’s food struggling to fit in. The fridge that lives in a typical ‘Batchelor pad’ may be enviable to some; with ice cold beers and maybe little else! You may not be aware, but there are a huge number of different design styles when it comes to fridges – big, small, French door, side-by-side, with or without ice maker – designed to fit your specific needs. Fear not though, stocks the widest range on the market, so think of it as a one-stop-shop for your fridge needs.

Making the comfiest living room

How do you kick back and relax at the end of a long day? Well, this pastime is what you should plan your living room around. Think about the mood and ambiance you want to create to encourage relaxation – but remember that you’ll likely use this room for many purposes, perhaps entertaining guests or playing with the kids, as well as it being your own personal space. Not all living rooms are emblazoned with dramatic wall art, not all have a roaring fire, and not all are focused around a large flatscreen TV. Consider what type of living space will work best for you.

Use of color is particularly critical here, as it has such a substantial influence on mood. You’ll thank yourself later if you spend time deliberating and planning the paint for your living room before you get started.

A bedroom fit for a king or queen

Bedroom designs differ wildly, depending on who’s sharing the home. Maybe you’ve just bought a home with your partner, and you’re short on space trying to fit all of your clothes into one closet – in which case, clever space saving and organization techniques will be your best friend. Maybe you’re living alone and have full reign over the look and feel; why not go wild and turn your sleeping space into the perfect escapism dream? This room is the most personal in the house, so go with your gut.

Remember though, that a good night’s sleep is the secret to success. A few words of warning: avoid cutting costs on a mattress and try to find space to hide away all your clutter, as mess can cause sleep deprivation. Additionally, steer clear of overly bright and garish paint colors. Instead, look at soothing and neutral color schemes, and if you want a splash of color, consider using cushions and accent decor to liven it up.

The bathroom: it’s not just a shower room

The bathroom is a great place to flex your DIY skills. You will find countless videos online with DIY plumbing tutorials, but make sure you do your research before you start pulling out pipes and trying to fit faucets! If you’re more of an organizer than a DIY-er, you can show your talents here with savvy storage solutions. Both talents can help you save money.

Did you know that having plants in your home can bring a myriad of health benefits? Seeing as plants love moisture, the bathroom is a great room to consider having them – especially if you’ve not been blessed with a garden. It’s always refreshing to bring some of the outside in. Review the lighting you have in your bathroom. If yours is flooded with natural light, an orchid might be the perfect bathroom addition, and it’ll look so colorful when it’s in bloom. If your bathroom space has only a small window for ventilation, or no window at all, a plant that thrives in low lighting is best: spider plants or bamboo might work for you.

Plan your decorating: don’t feel you’ve got to do it all at once

There’s nothing worse than spending a great deal of money on your first home, only to feel uprooted for the first six months struggling to decorate every room at once. Try to forward plan which room you’ll tackle when – if you know you can’t relax until the kitchen has been re-fitted, then make that your priority. Look for weekends when you can dedicate yourself to a task; the more focus you can have, the faster the process will go. Painting is a relatively easy and quick job, so if you feel you’re missing out on socializing because all your spare time is spent in the house, invite friends over for a painting party – just make sure to order pizza for when it’s all done!

Buying your home can be stressful, and the thought of decorating it can be even more so. However, once it’s done, remember that this space is yours to enjoy.

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