5 Reasons You're Not Sleeping Properly

We all lead such busy lives; it’s important that we have as much energy as possible if we’re going to do everything we want to do during the day! Alas, sometimes, that’s just not possible - and it’s all the fault of our bodies. Being unable to get a full night’s sleep is one of the most common complaints, and with good reason: not only is it annoying at the time, but it affects us for the rest of the following day, too. But before you accept your lot in life, remember that your inability to sleep might be because of one simple thing that can be changed.

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An Overactive Mind

It’s not only your body that’s working against you. In fact, sometimes it’s not the body at all - it’s the mind! If you’re turning over problems as you’re trying to get to sleep, then, well, is it any wonder that you can’t reach the land of nod? Of course, there are some problems that really can’t be turned off, but by and large, many of our daily concerns can be left behind when we hit the hay. In the build-up to bedtime, process your thoughts for the day - write them out if necessary. You’ll have tidied them away, leaving an empty mind, ready for rest.

Food and Drink

Now we all know that food and drink is one of the best things about life. Yet while you might enjoy those tasty foods and fluids at the time, keep in mind that they’re going to stick around for some time to come. And if they contain caffeine or sugar, then they’re going to have you tossing and turning all night long. When you reach late afternoon time, keep an eye on everything that’s passing through your mouth. It might be hard to turn down a sugary snack, but it’ll be worth it.

Too Much Tech

Yes, there’s a lot of awesome things about technology. It's entertaining, informative; it’s a great way to waste an hour. But before bed? Oh no, you should not waste that hour in front of a screen. It makes sense: all those flashing lights and buzzing noises are sending your mind and body into overdrive. Your body needs to be calm to doze off, so unplug your tech two hours before you go to bed.

Your Bed Sucks

You could have a bedroom that’s conducive to rest. You can have the most delicious sleep-boosting tea right before you hit the hay. You could do anything, but it won’t matter if your bed isn’t fit for purpose. If you have a bed that hurts more than helps, check out the best mattress reviews, and get ready for an improved night’s sleep. The quality of our sleep is only as good as the quality of our bed, after all!

The House is too Loud

Finally, make sure it’s possible to get some peace when you’re in bed. If the house or outside area is too noisy, take steps to block out the sounds. A good night’s rest, here we come!

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