7 Ways to Stay Clean & Organized This Month

Have you been skating through 2018 so far and accomplishing all of your goals. . . for everything?  If so, my dear friend, you are on fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Woo Hoo!  Good for you. 😊

If however, you are like me, and for whatever reason, your year is just not going the way you thought it would be going, and you STILL haven't managed to meet ANY of your organizational or cleaning goals yet this year, this post is for you.  Here are several ideas from other bloggers for organization around the home.  Some of the sites offer free printables to keep you on track.  Some of the printables might be a bonus if you sign up for their email.  I printed out a couple. Now, I just need this year to "normalize" so that I can get some stuff done!  😉 Between snow days and illnesses in January, and an impromptu trip home to FL and then MORE illnesses in February so far, it's been a challenge!

I probably need these organization ideas and helpers now more than ever!  Hope you find them helpful.

8 steps to an organized kitchen. Once you get the proper systems in place, it takes very little maintenance to keep it that way!

All moms need a schedule, especially stay at home moms. Time blocking creates the perfect schedule to allow moms to accomplish all the homemaking and home management tasks!

Work from home routine

Free Printable Labels

Are you in need of some genius small space bedroom storage ideas? Well, you're in luck! Click through to see 15 unexpected Ideas For Bedroom Storage: Since there's a fine line between style and function, bedrooms can often present a real challenge when it comes to storage. Trust me, I know. #bedroomstorage #bedroom #smallbedroom #bedroomorganization #organization #organized #bedroomhacks #storagehacks #hhm

I do not have an instant pot yet, but I've heard of many, many, many people who have them.  The chart below might be helpful for you! 

instant pot measurements and cooking times printable

What do you feel your biggest organization or cleaning issue is right now?  

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  1. Always good to be clean and organised but if you are like my daughter then you are living in a mess

  2. I love being organized. These are very great and useful tips! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Emmanuel. Hopefully you have an easier time than I do!


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