Feeling Clumsy? The Common Mistakes We Can All Make

Let’s face it, we can all have moments in our lives where we feel like we are being clumsy or forgetful. We are all human and with making mistakes we can often learn valuable lessons. However, when you find yourself subject to these sorts of errors, you can often feel like you are the only one to have ever made such a silly or pointless mistake. You are wrong. I wanted to share with you the common mistakes we can all be guilty of. I hope at some point it puts your mind at ease, enabling you to move forward.

Locking your keys in your house or car

That moment when you shut the door on your house or your car and you realize you don’t have the keys in your hand. This is especially tricky if you have an automatic locking door, and that can only mean one thing. You need a professional locksmith to help you out. It is actually quite a common thing to do, when your mind is on other things or your hands are full with bags, children to take care of, or simply rushing around, this is when mistakes like this can be made.

Drank a little too much alcohol

We all like to relax and unwind, but sometimes that one glass of wine or gin can turn into two, and more, and this is when we can find that our inhibitions are their lowest and the alcohol can control, in some ways, outer behaviour and what we do. There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down once in a while, but often this mistake is made when you have a particularly early start or tough day the next day.

Sent a text to the wrong person

Our phones are great tools to have these days with all of the information at our fingertips, but it can also be a problem when it comes to communication. Texting is a quick and easy way to message and get in touch, but it can also mean that you can make the daft mistake of texting the wrong person. It's especially awkward if you are discussing that person in a text to someone else. Have you done this?

Told your boss that you love them

Often we can talk to our boss on the phone more than our loved ones, and naturally, when you are talking to your loved one you may finish the call with an “I love you”, but have you ever said it without realizing? It is such an easy mistake to make and thankfully this sort of thing can be easily laughed off, after the event.

Used salt instead of sugar or vice versa

Finally, salt and sugar, they look the same right? But boy do they taste different. However, because of the similarity in appearance you can end up making the mistake of using one or the other when you don’t mean to. Ever put salt in your tea or sugar on your food? It can happen.

I hope that sharing some of the common mistakes that we can all make helps you to feel better in the future, knowing you're not alone.

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