Five Ways to Keep Your Health in Check

When it’s cold and grey outside in the winter months, it can make you feel really fed up. You end up slouching on the couch, watching TV, and eating comfort food. Sound familiar? Well, try not to fall into that trap this year. Keeping active, watching what you eat, and going for regular health check-ups can all help keep you in peak condition. Here are some things you should be doing in 2018.

Let’s get physical

Instead of watching the television, or playing on your games console, get your sports kit on and get active! Is there an old sport you used to like doing? Like running or cycling? Badminton or tennis? Then why not resurrect your skills and get out there. You don’t have to join an expensive sports club. Running or riding your bike is free, and you can hire badminton and tennis courts on a per-play basis.

However, if you do want to do something a bit more regular when it comes to sports and fitness, then why not join a gym or sports center? Have a browse around your local facilities, to see what they’re offering and how much it will cost you. Be careful that you don’t get tied into a lengthy contract, so that you won't find it difficult to leave.

There are all sorts of gyms and sports centers for all sorts of budgets. Selecting one depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of facilities you want to use. Clubs with indoor tennis courts, for example, might cost you more. If you’re looking for an Olympic-size swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna, then again, expect to pay more. Although, these places tend to offer discounts and incentives, so do check out what’s around right now. A good place to start is on the internet and social media.

Diet check

When was the last time you took stock of what you’re eating and drinking on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? If you’re overweight, or just want to get a bit more in shape, then take a look at what you’re consuming. Maybe keep a food diary, to begin with, and talk to an expert about your calorie intake.

It’s human nature to be tempted to hit cookies, chips, and cakes, especially when you’re having a particularly stressful day! However, you need to be looking for healthier alternatives, to keep you fed, but also healthy. Go online and get some inspiration for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas - you’ll find so many great recipes available from all over the world. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat a boring diet. Try things out and share with family and friends. You’re bound to find some new taste experiences, which will also help to keep you in shape.

Speak to the experts, and they will always say that you need lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. So, take advice if you’re not sure, and draw up a meal plan. If you’re looking to lose weight, also think about consulting a slimming club – they can help you along the way.

Talk to your doctor

If you’re planning to go on a diet, to lose weight, or do more physical activity, it might be worth checking in with your family doctor for some input.  It’s worth remembering that your doctor is someone who’s there to look after you, providing primary care. They tend to stay with you as long as you are living in the same area. As well as diet and fitness, they can help you with all sorts of other ailments and conditions. Therefore, if they think you need a closer examination by an expert, they’ll refer you to another clinic, health center, or hospital.

If you’re about to move house, move country or town, and you need to find a new doctor, then remember to do your homework. If you don’t already know of a doctor you would like to use, then speak to any friends and family who might have suggestions or recommendations. It’s also worth having a trawl through the internet, as most health centers have a website these days with lots of useful information for you to read up on.
When you have bookmarked a doctor, call the health center and ask to make an appointment to look around and meet everyone. You want to ensure that you’re comfortable with everything, and that you have confidence in the medical services being offered.

Get your insurances in place

If you need a particular type of medical insurance, then make sure you have done the necessary paperwork – so that if you do need some help, that you can access treatment quickly and without any stress. You should check out best term life insurance too, as it’s not too early to prepare for the future.

Do it together

Your health is important to you and the rest of your family.   It shouldn’t be only you who’s thinking about being fit and active this year.  If you want to lose weight, have a better diet, or do more sport, then get your immediate family and friends involved. If you have a partner and kids, you’ll certainly want to get them sharing the new healthy meals you’re preparing! It can be a lot more fun when you’re doing things like this together, rather than going it alone and feeling isolated. Because when that happens, the risk is that you revert to your old habits – those which you were hoping to leave firmly in the past!

If your family and immediate friends aren’t showing much interest, then why not speak to your work colleagues about how they keep fit and healthy? You could take up a regular sport with your co-workers, maybe once a week or more. Or you could start up a company club, where you organize lots of group activities. Make it a social thing, and then you’ll feel more enthusiastic about making the changes in your life! You’re likely to be thankful in the long term.

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