The Best Careers for Those Who Love Animals

If you are wanting to take your love of animals into a profession, it can be challenging to find what role is best suited to you. Here are five of the best career options for those who love animals.



Classed as the most common profession, becoming a veterinarian is a great way to engage, look after, and treat a wide variety of animals. Veterinarians spend their days saving the lives of animals and performing operations to help make a positive difference to their health. Training to become a veterinarian takes around four years after receiving your bachelor's degree. There are also vet tech positions, which could take as little as two years, with websites such as giving more information on the process, as well as helping you find a local school near you.


If working in a laboratory or zoo is more for you, a zoologist may be the right profession to go into. The main roles of a zoologist are to study a wide range of animals on their behavior in their natural habitats, as well as having the chance to travel around the world to conduct research and analyze their conduct. However, bear in mind that training is required for the role and zoologists must possess a Ph.D. to be able to carry out research.


If you feel you lack the skills to become a veterinarian or zoologist, it might be worth looking into animal grooming. Maintaining the appearance of an animal is a necessity to their overall health and to help keep them active and fulfilling a happy life. Groomers can work in a range of areas such as in a shop or veterinary clinic, with on the job training being provided with no previous experience necessary. There is also the possibility of earning certificates through training, which can be valuable regarding progressing in your career.

Animal Trainer

A key requirement in becoming an animal trainer is having a lot of patience. As you will be dealing with unruly and potentially dangerous animals, it is vital to be patient to achieve the overall outcome of successfully training the animal. A great benefit in becoming an animal trainer is that you will spend most of your time outdoors with the animals, as well as have the control and freedom to work in a way that suits you best.

Shelter Work

If you are yet to find work in the field you want, or you just want to gain experience, volunteering at your local animal sanctuary or shelter can be a good place to start. Shelters bring in all sorts of animals who have either been abandoned or in need of a new home, with volunteers being in place to help look after the animals, clean up and maintain their health, as well as helping find suitable owners for the animals. The job is incredibly rewarding, and many volunteers go on to progress into paid work, as well as moving up the ranks.

If you need more information on what sort of role would suit you best, be sure to look online where you can find a variety of professions to suit your preference.

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