The Difference Music Makes for Disadvantaged Kids

Access to the arts makes life so much more fulfilling, yet many people in New York City lack access to the arts because of their family or financial circumstances. However, one of the biggest advantages the city has is it's large population of artists with a desire to donate time to help. The efforts of Sing a Song of Hope  and other artists' organizations help put artist pursuits within easier reach and increase awareness of art forms.

Where Are People Most in Need?

A lot of people who live outside New York believe that only certain areas have disadvantaged artists, but nothing is further from the truth. All five boroughs have residents who lack the access to arts that they would like to have, and may think that pursuing their dream is out of reach. However, the good news is that there are enough artists dedicated to helping out in each of the five boroughs to help aspiring artists and performers achieve more.

Where Do Service Programs Take Place?

Many schools lack the amount of funding needed for strong arts programs, making them benefit from outreach programs that will help them educate more students. Community centers are also a natural choice, being close to the most public transportation and serving all age groups. Though a seemingly non-typical location, hospitals are also good candidates, with longer-term patients and their visitors benefitting from such programs.

Reaching Out Through Performance Art 

Dancers and actors have flocked to New York City for generations, making the city a hive of activity for these performers with abundant opportunities to perform. Musicians performing a variety of music from jazz to opera find plenty of great venues to perform in when seeking a start. Even puppeteers find a lot of venues besides those geared towards children, helping to keep what might become a lost art alive.

More Ways to Reach Out Through Visual Art

Painters and other visual artists have a wealth of opportunities awaiting when they decide to get their art out in New York. One of the ways visual arts help provide a connection is through using art forms that are easier for people to learn if they are new to art. Learning from working artists helps provide a solid foundation for continued learning in art and helps new artists start off with better skills.

Art For All is Important

Even though most people will not end up becoming working artists, regular exposure to the arts is beneficial for all age groups. When people get involved in the arts, they will have more exposure to a diverse range of experiences that allow them to learn more about the art form and its cultural influences. When disadvantaged kids, in particular, have access to arts and music programs, their exposure to these creative activities can open up whole new worlds of possibility for them.

There are many benefits of music education, including improved test scores, higher IQ, better language development and better spatial intelligence.

Groups in New York City that help promote the arts provide a new world of opportunity for all ages and social groups.   

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