3 Ideas for Space-Saving Water Features

 If you live in an apartment, townhouse, or condominium, there is no reason why you cannot have a nice water feature in your home. Many people who have limited interior spaces won’t have any trouble finding water feature options in the market today. Here are the top three ideas for space-efficient water features that you can consider:
  1. Wall Fountains
A wall fountain is one of the most compact types of indoor water features because it is designed to be vertically flat. A modern wall fountain is usually made up of a sheet of glass, mirror, or slate stone that serves as the backing on which water flows down freely. It can be decorated with a backlight or even a smokescreen effect. A more traditional design would have a spout or faucet from which water flows into a half-moon basin.

An indoor wall fountain is a great alternative to the usual painting, photograph, or poster to hang on a blank wall. It can be complemented by a nice pair of wall lighting sconces or swags of drapery. A wall fountain is also suitable for homes with small children or pets—you just need to hang it high enough out of their reach.

  1. Tabletop Fountains
A tabletop fountain is one of the most popular types of indoor water features because it is versatile enough to be placed in any room or living space. All you need is a flat horizontal surface such as a table, desk, shelf, pedestal, countertop, or ledge. Tabletop fountains also come in many different designs. If you want to go with a modern look, there are tabletop fountains made of sleek materials such as glass and metal. If it’s a more natural look that you’re after, there are designs utilizing stones and pebbles.

You can always enhance the beauty of a tabletop fountain or turn it into the centerpiece of the room by surrounding it with other accessories and furnishings such as sculptures, vases, and the like. This setup helps project the bubbling sound of flowing water, which can be quite soothing and relaxing. Make sure not to place it on a wobbly table or a slippery surface to avoid any accidents.

  1. Floor Fountains
A floor fountain is a freestanding type of indoor water feature that has a heavy and secure base. Like a wall fountain, it is designed to primarily have a flat vertical surface made of glass, mirror, or slate on which water flows down. The effect looks like rain coming down in sheets—a very relaxing sight indeed, especially on busy and stressful days. A floor fountain is usually enhanced by lighting it from the bottom up, which gives visual texture and highlights the movement of the water.

A floor fountain is ideally placed in blank corners of the home, or near entranceways or exits. It can be paired with potted plants or big art sculptures. Despite its height, it is slim and compact, and thus fits limited indoor spaces. It can also double as a room divider or a type of covering when placed against a window.

Caring for an Indoor Fountain

You want your indoor water fountain to run smoothly for a much longer time, so you have to clean it every month or so. Aside from adding water to retain its water level, you have to clear any buildup or debris in its motor system as well. If you have any questions about how to maintain your fountain, don’t be afraid to ask your supplier. They can give you practical tips and point you to effective products that will remove tough mineral deposits and prevent algae growth.

An indoor fountain may be a small addition to your home, but its beauty and the relaxing sounds it produces can greatly improve your indoor atmosphere.

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