4 Tips for Effectively Styling Larger Living Areas

Large spaces can work wonderfully in homes; they give you the opportunity to have guests over to enjoy the volume of space, and can create a light, open and welcoming feel to the home. However, just like rooms which are slightly too small, larger spaces come with their own variety of problems. A large open space can be difficult to style and furnish, as you need to be able to effectively use the space, without it feeling as though no thought has been put into the layout. If you are struggling with what to do with a large living space in your home, here are a few tips to help you style the area.
Create individual zones

Big spaces can appear intimidating at a first glance, and if you don’t effectively place all of your furniture, it can make even large pieces of furniture feel small. By
zoning a room, you effectively create lots of smaller living areas within the larger space, similar to the effect created in an open plan house. Identify which areas of the room you would like to design for different uses, such as having a soft seating area for watching television, an area with a writing desk for working, or another section with a dinner table for dining at.

Visually dividing the space

Once you decide on your different zones, you can then separate them with visual markers. One way to do this is by using different levels, such as by raising the ground on a platform on one side of the room. Alternatively, if you would prefer to avoid having to do this sort of construction work, then you could alter the flooring within the room; for example, having carpet in one area, and wooden flooring in another. However, this is only an option if it looks natural, otherwise, you may make the space seem disorganized. If you would rather keep the flooring equal throughout the room, then you could use screens to divide the space, or just do so through how you arrange your furniture.

Choosing appropriate furniture

Choosing the furniture for large rooms can be difficult: too many large pieces may make the space seem too imposing and ruin the cozy atmosphere. However, too many small items of furniture can just make the room seem cluttered and disorganized. This is why you need to strike a balance between grander and softer items of furniture. For instance, use larger items, such as sectionals or large sofas, as a foundation for the room, and then fit smaller items in and around this. 

Have a focal point

In large spaces, it’s easy for people to feel at a loss of where to focus their attention, and this is why a focal point is important. This is an aspect of your decoration which draws the person’s eye, and then creates a visual pinpoint, from where their attention will slowly spread out around the room. For large rooms which are long, rather than evenly balanced, a feature wall makes a great focus, as it creates the illusion that the room is squarer.

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  1. I think we must focus more on furniture. It could definitely make the living place look spacious. These are wonderful tips to consider.


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