5 Gift Themes for the Person Who Has Everything

You love celebrating your birthdays with your loved ones, but there’s always that awkward person who already seems to have everything they need in their life. But it’s not like you can get away with not buying them a present just because they’re a little bit more difficult to buy for. Instead, you just need to get a little bit creative. Below, we take a look at a few gift ‘themes’ - that is, general ideas rather than specific presents - that’ll make buying the present all the more straightforward.

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An Adventure

It’s all good and well-buying material items, but if your loved one already has everything, then it’s going to be pretty difficult to find something that they don’t already have. But just because they have everything, that doesn’t mean that they’ve done everything! Instead of a traditionally wrapped present, why not pick an experience? People with a lust for life always enjoy going on an adventure, and what’s more - you may be able to go on it with them too if you’re lucky. It doesn’t even have to be anything so grand; pick the nicest restaurant in town and treat them to a meal there.

Something in their Name

People like to feel good. If you buy something charitable in their name, then you’ll both be able to feel like you’re making a positive difference to the world. There’s no shortage of worthy organizations looking for people to get involved in their projects. If you want your recipient to decide how best to spend the money, then consider buying them a voucher for a p2p lending platform; they’ll be able to choose a project that speaks to them and donate their money directly.

Getting Personal

They might have everything they thought to buy, but it’s unlikely that they have a personalized version of those things! Buy them something like a gold name necklace, or a personalized version of something they already own, and you’ll be sure to have bought something that they most definitely already have. It’s a way to select a thoughtful gift while also gifting them something you know they’ll love. Alternatively, you can also have a think about making them something yourself. But be warned: you might want to make it something that you have a skill in making, as DIY presents can very quickly go wrong.

A Blast from the Past

You already have a history with this person, so why not bring that to life? You can do things like taking a tour of all the places you’ve visited together in the past, or by hosting a party that includes some old but not forgotten friends. People like to revisit the past, especially when they get older!

The Next Big Things

Finally, remember that they can’t have everything - because new products are coming out all the time! Take a look at what’s set to be the next big thing, and get it for them. If they don’t like it, at least they’ll get the joy of owning something before anyone else!

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