7 Gift Ideas for Graduation

If you look up graduation ideas for graduates, you will come up with a whole range of gift ideas. It could be anything from personalized items through to expensive cameras. How do you narrow down what to give the graduate, though?

My advice is to look for items that have a much more practical application. Your new college grad will not, for example, be able to sit on that expensive customized coaster. In this post, we will look at alternatives that are more practical, and that will always be appreciated.


Okay, so it's a bit of a cop-out but what do you think the graduate would find more useful? A waffle iron is a fun gift, but cash is always a great alternative. That way, they can get exactly what they need.

College Gift Cards

This is something that can have a very practical impact because it helps graduates pay off their student loans. What happens here is that the graduate registers on the site and links up their student loan. You would then go in and buy a gift card. There is a cost for this on your side, but the money is put into the child’s student loan account directly. It’s a great way to help them get on their feet financially.

A Well-Chosen Ring

A classy signet ring or a piece of nice jewelry that they can treasure for years would work well here if you really do not like the idea of cash.

Gift Cards

Maybe you are worried that your child won’t be eating enough, or maybe you want to make sure that they have enough money to get the books that they need. You can give them a gift card to a restaurant in the area, or to a local bookstore.  Gift cards have a similar value to cash because they are always useful.

A Resume Service


Getting a job straight out of school can be problematic, especially if you have no idea how to write an excellent resume.  You can help the child out by paying a resume service to edit their resume and make it look absolutely perfect.


Do you remember what it was like to live in your first apartment? It was fun, but it could also be quite stressful furnishing the place. Furniture, housewares or bedding could all be welcome gifts for the graduating student.

Leaving college often means moving out on your own for the first time. If you’re an indebted graduate, that means facing a slew of brand new bills– things like deposits for rent and utilities, housewares, bedding, and everything else their new apartment needs.

Household Goods


If you are not sure what it is that your child needs in this department, consider asking them outright. That way, you can be sure to get them something that they really want. If not, consider giving them a gift card to a store that they can buy the items from.

If there are a few people in the family giving gifts, it might even be worth getting the student to start a registry at their favorite store.

In conclusion, think about what the student really needs instead of what is fun for you to buy. If you were faced with setting yourself up in a new place and had to pay off student loans, what would you appreciate most – A gag gift or a toaster? Or coffee maker. Everyone needs coffee, right?

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