A Ride Called Life

 Life isn’t a straight line. In fact, it’s more like a rollercoaster that occasionally flips upside down when you least expect it. Despite a lot of people accepting the fact that life isn’t meant to be easy and we can’t always be happy, we still stress ourselves out when something goes wrong. Keep in mind that humans are complex creatures. There is a reason there are people who spend their whole lives studying the human brain and behavioral patterns.
There are some days when we feel like we don’t know what we did to deserve so much heartache and misery. Other days we are singing along to hit pop songs in the shower, pretending our neighbors can’t hear through the paper-thin apartment walls. From infancy to adulthood, we are all trying to figure life out in our own way. The following list of events are a brief and albeit superficial look at some of our tougher life moments, particularly surrounding school. Everyone faces something different at different stages. These are some events that could or could not be happening in someone’s life.


We don’t remember much from our infancy years. Let’s face it, we cried, ate, pooped and eventually learned how to say our first word. We were merely beginning to learn how to walk, talk, feed ourselves and go to the bathroom. All around us though, the family and adults that cared for us were facing their own problems at work, in relationships, friendships and so on. All of this was happening at a point in our lives when we couldn’t tell the difference between a pencil and a pen. Our baby brains didn’t even understand what a pencil was meant to do.


Learning how to speak and write had already begun changing the course of our lives. As kindergarteners, we started picking our friends, a deciding factor being whom we could spend our time laughing with. Drama ensued should someone have not returned our favorite box of crayons or the toy you lent them the other day. Some of us even had our first crushes in the classroom at this young change. All in all, life was beginning to change with school.

Elementary Years

In elementary school, friendships got tested. The people we spent our time with during recess was incredibly important. Nobody wanted to be the lone wolf that didn’t have friends to play tag with (assuming tag was still a popular pastime at recess). Social drama began in our elementary years, and friendship problems were one of the worst things that we faced at this stage. Being outcast from a group of friends would be so horrifying that the idea of homeschooling would begin crossing our minds. Of course, in many cases, this wasn’t a viable option so we continued on with regular schooling. We did the best we could at this stage in our social lives.

High School

Compared to the elementary and middle school years, high school brought with it a sea of unknown faces. There was more work and stress while friendships and personalities changed. For some, this was an awkward and rebellious stage of life. Some teens got their first jobs in high school, beginning to learn more about some responsibilities that ensue later in life. Albeit not to the extent of the Mean Girls movie, social standing was a real thing in high school. Certain teens could have seen high school as easier to deal with due to their social popularity among their fellow classmates. Others experienced their first relationship in these years, along with some of the complexities of what that meant. To brief, high school is never easy to bypass without some sort of turmoil.


You’re stepping into the unknown. University is a whole different ball game, and if you know or knew what you wanted to do right out of high school, you are a rare specimen.  It’s late on a Friday night, and you take to the Internet for advice, looking for articles that would help you figure out what you really want in life. There’s a mixture of nerves and excitement associated to University. There are those who have moved away from home at this point and others who are still at home. Regardless, some of the social drama that faced people in their earlier stages diminishes (there’s always some drama, but never Mean Girls style). University is a time when people are trying to find themselves. At the very least, we attempt to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives with some degree.


The world outside of the school institution is different. Outside of school, there are more responsibilities. You have to start thinking about a career, insurance, retirement plans, among other things. If you or anyone you know is facing any accidents or injuries, you need to know what to do. In this case, there’s a law firm by the name of Chester Law Group that can help out in the Ohio area. The point is our problems have exponentially grown past whom to hang out with during recess. We have to think about job prospects, families, buying a home, and other worries past that of friendship circles. That being said, there is also a freedom associated with early adulthood that didn’t exist to this extent earlier. This comes with the independence factor.

There are many lessons to be learned through life, or one can succinctly summarize them into 7 key lessons. One of them is changing the way you look at things. Your mindset can help define the outlook on your day and life itself. You can decide whether it will be a good or bad day as soon as your feet hit the ground in the morning. Nobody outside of you is in control of your life. Outside influences helped shape the person you grew up to be and who you continue to be in adulthood, but no one can tell you how to live your life.
At the end of the day, no one has life figured out. Some people go their whole lives not having anything figured out, yet are still happy. Life is what we make it. There is no book of life that we can rent from the public library, even if we desperately want to flip through its contents to find that one page that answers the problems we are facing. Uncertainty is part of what makes life an adventure, and at the end of the day, it makes the ride all worthwhile.

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