Admin Tasks to Do When You Move Home

Moving home is an exciting time full of fresh starts and new ways of doing things. However, amongst all that excitement we must not forget that there are certain bits of admin that we need to do for the move to go as smoothly as possible. Here are some to get you started.

Change Of Address Notices

When you move certain people and institutions are going to need to know your new address as soon as possible. These include banks and other financial institutions, schools and colleges, debtors, creditors, and those friends and family members who you want to keep informed of where you are going. Once you have a moving date and have confirmed your new address, you can start sending out a change of address notice so that those who need the information have it.

In some cases, changing your address has to be done in person with valid ID, and in other instances, you can simply write a letter or go online and complete a form. This may take some time, so it is best to start as soon as you can.

Your Mail

Just in case you have missed anyone when you were sending out a change of address notice, it is a good idea to get your mail redirected to your new home for six months or so. This way, every time you receive a redirected letter or bill, you will know who still has your old address, and you can contact them as you go along.

If you allow your mail to continue to go to your old address, it can be a way for identity thieves to steal your information. They may spot an envelope that the new owner or tenant has written on, telling the mail service that you no longer live there, for example, so beware and set up a redirection for your own peace of mind if nothing else.


There is a range of different insurances that you are going to need when you move home, and you will be best off arranging these before the move itself, just in case. Insuring the building is only necessary if you are buying the property. If you are renting, then the landlord should have this in hand. You should insure your contents, however, just in case of theft or damage. This can even extend to your heating system, fridge, freezer, and other larger pieces of equipment.

When you are looking at insurance, it’s a good idea to check out your life insurance too. If it is no longer suitable (or if you don’t have any), or if you just want to see what other companies might charge, look around for prices. Top Quote Life Insurance is a great place to start.


When you leave your old home for the last time, you must make a note of what the gas, electricity, and water meters all say. You can then pass this on to your supplier to get an accurate final bill. You will also need to take meter readings as soon as you arrive at your new property so that you can start paying your new suppliers straight away.

You may be able to stay with the same company and simply change addresses, but this will depend on where you are moving from and to and whether that company will still cover you. 

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