Getting to the Root of Unhappiness

If you are happy, you know because of the lightness in your heart, the joy you feel each day, and your ability to cope if anything goes wrong. Leading a happy life is the holy grail of human existence, but despite the advantages of living in a wealthy country and having far more opportunities to fulfill our dreams than previous generations, there’s still a lot of unhappy people. Being unhappy makes everything in life seem stressful, and stress leads to the reinforcement of unhappiness and the risk of ill health. What can you do to find happiness in your life?

Look inside yourself

If you feel unhappy and find little enjoyment in your life, or you are turning to alcohol or narcotics to get you through, you may well be suffering from a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. You should have a chat with your doctor who can assess whether you need treatment and what the best course of action would be. View this as a positive step to claiming back your life, and don’t be hindered by erroneous perceptions about mental health, e.g., that you should be able to pull yourself together. A mental condition is no less worthy than a physical one and should be addressed with the same urgency and compassion.


Do you find yourself endlessly worrying about money, or fretting that you never seem to get time to do things for yourself? You have the power to change your own life, and the best way to start is with the number one cause of stress, money. Take a look at your spending and see where you could be more economical. Freeing up a little cash from one area can relieve the pressure on another. If you worry that you have no contingency to cover you if anything goes wrong, you might want to look at the benefits of life insurance, which you can find out more about at Next, have a look at your schedule and see if you could reorganize your day to make time for those activities that you would like to do but never get around to.


If you are fed up with your job and dread going to work every day, you are putting yourself under extreme stress by forcing yourself to get up and go through with the drudgery of your job, leaving you exhausted and unable to enjoy the rest of your day. If you’re getting no satisfaction or enjoyment at work, you need to see what steps you can take to change your situation. Talk to your HR manager, or your boss if you’re in a small company. If you work for yourself, see if you can identify which aspect of your business is causing you the most stress. If it’s some part of running a business that you struggle with and is taking too much time, outsource the job to someone else and get back to what you enjoy most. If you’re simply fed up with your job or career, you should explore the opportunities to move to another company or a different sector altogether.

If you don’t take steps to get to the root of your unhappiness, you will struggle along until you make yourself sick. You owe it to yourself to make the most of your life and enjoy it to the full.

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