How to Help Yourself Through a Tough Breakup

Relationships are fun and exciting, but they can also be difficult and heartbreaking. Deciding to end the bond you two once shared isn’t easy on either of you when both of you were once fully committed and happy.

Breakups are difficult and may be one of the hardest experiences you go through in your life. What you can’t do is give up on love altogether and lose hope that you’ll meet someone else you care about deeply. You have to find a way to stay strong and get yourself through this very trying time. Learn how to help yourself get back on your feet and feel secure in your own skin again.

Surround yourself with Supportive People

There’s no reason to isolate yourself or act like you need to process your separation all on your own. A tough breakup is definitely a time in your life when you’re going to need and want to be around supportive people. It can be friends, family members, and even a professional therapist if you feel the situation calls for one. Open up and be truthful about what you’re going through and what the relationship meant to you. Spend more time participating in social activities or hang out with your best friend and use their shoulder to cry on for a little while as you work through your emotions.

Cut off Contact
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What you shouldn’t do after a breakup is continue to talk to and engage with the other person. It is only going to hurt you more in the long run if you know there’s no chance of getting back together. While you may try to mend what’s been broken right away, you need to be smart enough to remove yourself from the situation if you don’t see the possibility of you two getting back together. Holding on and lying to yourself is only going to cause you more angst going forward. It’ll also be a waste of your time because these are precious hours you could use to heal and attend to your own needs.

Get Back out there

Don’t feel like you have to sit at home crying after a tough breakup. Be honest with yourself, and if you truly want to find love, then you’re going to have to try again with someone else. When you’re ready, don’t be afraid to get back out there and start dating again. Now you’ll know what not to look for and who may be a better fit for you. Once you do find a suitable partner, you should secure yourself a copy of His Secret Obsession and learn all about how you can make them fall in love with and adore you. You’ll want these tips and tricks in your back pocket as you two become closer and you start falling in love.

Be Kind to You with Self-Care Activities

Breaking up with someone gives you a lot of time back in your day. Use it wisely by making sure you work in a few self-care activities to your schedule. Go for long walks, take a hot bath or read a good book with a cup of warm tea. Relax, unwind and use your weekends to cook yourself delicious meals and watch funny movies. This is your chance to care for you and better manage your health and well-being, so you’re feeling and looking your best. It’s possible there wasn’t much time for you in the past when you were in a committed relationship, so enjoy this opportunity to pamper yourself and find peace again.

Don’t Dwell on the Past

While it’s normal and healthy to reflect a little bit and remember the good times, it’s not a good idea to sit and obsess over your past relationship. Focus your energy on living in the moment, let go and enjoy each day as it unfolds. Get excited about the future and what could be when you’re in a good place and start dating new people again. Notice any negative thoughts and then let them pass and replace these beliefs with more optimistic outlooks. Ask yourself what else is possible now that you’re not together and let that motivate you to go after your goals and seek out a new and loving relationship.

Find New Hobbies

This is your chance to find hobbies that interest you and an opportunity to go after your goals and dreams. It’s possible your past relationship was taking up a lot of your time and wasn’t very rewarding in the first place. Now nothing is holding you back from improving yourself and having a good time enjoying life and all it has to offer. Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet when you embark on new adventures and find different activities to partake in. Being productive and getting engaged in life again will be a good distraction and help you through a tough breakup.

Journal & be Honest about Your Feelings

There’s no reason to push your emotions away or act like your breakup didn’t happen. Face reality and deal with your feelings head-on by journaling and talking about what’s going through your mind. Write down exactly what’s bothering you and ideas for how you might get through this difficult time in your life. Read through what you document and you may find you’re stronger than you ever thought you were. Be honest with yourself, and you may see that the breakup was necessary and for the best if you want to be happy in the future.


Breakups aren’t fun for anyone and often cause a lot of stress and drama in your life. Avoid making the situation worse than it needs to be by attending to your feelings and taking care of yourself above all else. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there again when you’re ready and meet someone else truly special who appreciates you for who you are. Remember breakups aren’t the end of the world, and after a few tears and support from loved ones, you’ll make it through the situation just fine. 

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