How to Stop Being an Overprotective Parent

One of the hardest things about being a parent is wanting to protect your children from every danger, threat, injury and unpleasant experience. You want them to be safe and happy all the time, never to be sad or hurt, or be disappointed with their lives. As a result, you can become overprotective, taking every measure you can to shield them from the slightest harm. While this is a very strong instinct, it’s one that needs to be resisted if your kids are to thrive and become well-balanced, healthy adults.


Why kids need to feel the pain of living

Life can be hard, and there are all sorts of possible adversities that your child may have to face as they grow up. You know that in order for your child to become good at anything they need to practice. You wouldn’t expect them to pick up a violin or play baseball for the first time and be brilliant at it; you understand that without trying and being shown how to do things repeatedly, they can’t be expected to know how to play in a string quartet or score a home run at Little League. The same principle applies to emotional development. If your child never experiences grief or hardship, they won’t learn how to deal with these problems, and will suffer far more when things go wrong in the future. They need to feel negative emotions to be able to cope with them, and the best time to learn is when they have you at their side to guide and support them.

Show them how to handle problems

You can help your child to understand how to manage their problems by showing them how to deal with difficult situations. They will learn by example, so be aware of what you are passing on to them about how to handle their problems. Say you or your partner is involved in a car wreck and gets injured. That’s a horrible experience and is traumatic and inconvenient for the whole family. Show your kids that you can often do something about these kinds of problems by getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer like Go Gray Law. If you have a problem at home, set a good example again by dealing with the situation constructively and working to find a solution.

The difficulty of letting your kids get hurt

It goes against the grain to feel that you are allowing your child to suffer when you could be preventing it, and permitting yourself to let them go through negative experiences can be extremely hard to do. What you need to bear in mind is that the pain they feel now will inoculate them against traumas that they will inevitably encounter later on. It’s just the same as taking your baby for its vaccinations. You hate the way they cry and scream when the needle goes in, but you accept that it’s better to have a jab now than suffer a serious illness later.

Doing the right thing by your children can hurt you sometimes, but remember that you are doing this in their own interests and they will be thankful to you in the long run.

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