Let the "Light" In ~ Maximizing Brightness in Your Home Properly

Light, it's one of the most essential things we need in this life, and if your home is not getting enough of it, you will certainly feel the impact soon enough. Nowadays, we work in environments with artificial lighting, which is either too bright, or gives us horrible headaches. We also work on computers and look at our phones that emit very harsh blue light, so, when you're trying to get enough natural light into your home, what are the best ways to do this?

Introduce Lighter Colors

A perfect place to begin to make a bigger impact on the light in your home is by adding lighter colors. Firstly, make sure you remove darker wallpaper and paint. Replace this with a lighter shade, or neutral colors such as white or light blue. Be careful if you plan on painting every wall white, as this can result in your home looking somewhat cold and sterile. You can offset this balance by using an off-white shade, and painting the ceiling a little bit lighter than the walls. This also helps to create the illusion of space, which is beneficial if you don't have much room to play with.

Reflect Light Back Into The House

If your home is struggling for natural light, you should take advantage of as many reflective surfaces as possible. Chrome, brass, and mirrors, carefully placed, will reflect the light back into the rooms, and make the place look brighter, and therefore, bigger. You can do this by adding furniture and accessories with reflective surfaces, and add more glass and metal into each room. There are handy mirror tricks you can use to reflect the light. One common technique is to place two mirrors at opposite ends of the hallway, as this will bounce light back, and that will help to elongate the appearance of the hallway. You can install reflective floor materials, such as ceramic or stone. If you've got carpet in your home, this is going to be a big absorber of light, especially if it's a darker color. But if you prefer carpets, make sure you keep to lighter colors. However, this means that if you accidentally cause stains, they're going to show up much more. For most of us, it's far better to pick a wooden or ceramic floor with a polished finish, not just because it's more reflective, but it's easier to clean.

Install Large Windows

If your home suffers from a lack of light, is it because you've got small windows? If this is the case, you can install bigger windows and doors. Bi-folding doors are a good choice, because they can open up your living space considerably, and you could take advantage of the fantastic views on display. Be careful with additional lights in a living space, as it can be almost too bright, depending on the time of year. For example, if you are trying to use your bedroom for sleep, you don't want to be awake as soon as the sun comes up.

It's a delicate balance to maintain, but in terms of having the right amount of light in the property, you could benefit from tinting the windows slightly. Or you can make the most of frosted vinyl window graphics, which gives your windows a little bit of style, but is big enough to let the light in adequately. Or, choose your areas where you want to let the light in. For example, if your dining area is dark and drab, you are better off installing larger windows and bi-folding doors into this area. It does depend on what direction your house faces. Remember this before installing larger windows, because even though you are trying to let more light in, it might not be that feasible, which is where little tricks like reflection comes in handy.

And another handy little trick with windows, give them a proper clean. If you haven't cleaned them in some time, making sure your windows are sparkling from the outside will help get a little bit more light into the home. If you get a lot of rain where you are, this can cause lots of streaks and little bits of dirt building up, which will stop sunlight entering the home.

Remove Darker Items

If you are in a room that doesn't get much sunlight, it can feel like a lost cause in trying to get light in, especially if you don't have the budget to install bigger windows, but as well as having more reflective items, it's great to remove the darker furniture and accessories whenever you can. Look at the bulky items in particular, such as the couch, and if it's blocking light from windows or doors. When trying to maximize the light, pay attention to the window areas, especially the blinds and curtains. In trying to get the right amount of light in, if you've got dark, thick curtains, this is going to absorb a lot of the sunlight on a good day. In addition to this, dark window treatments will block a lot of the light, so consider opting for a lighter version.

Go Outside

It could be as simple as this, if you've got greenery outside the house, especially in front of the windows, this is going to stop a lot of light dead in its tracks. So, make sure that you are trimming any trees, bushes, or any shrubbery, as well as any climbing plants that are growing around doors and windows. The same applies to your garden space. As pretty as it looks, if you've got shrubbery inching further towards your home, be sure to trim these properly.

We need adequate natural light in our homes, and a lot of us try to mimic natural light by putting more bulbs and light accessories to offset the balance. However, this isn't always the best approach. Natural light is going to give you a lot more health benefits, and it's going to make your home look much better. You can see when there's harsh, sterile light in a house, it just doesn't look good! So try a few of these tips and let the light come in.

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