The Advantages of Insulated Roller Garage Doors

To many people, a garage door is a garage door and that is it. They may realize there are different styles and that you can paint them any color you wish, but most people don’t know how many types there are, or the advantages of insulated roller shutter garage doors.

According to the Remodeling Impact report by National Association of Realtors, you can expect to recover 87 percent of the cost of new garage doors if you sell your house. That is one of the highest returns of any home improvement. This is particularly the case if your garage is at the front of your home, as then it is part of the overall view that potential buyers see when they arrive. A garage door can take up as much as 20 percent of the front of your home, and it not only has to look good, it needs to operate smoothly as well. Americans tend to use their garage as the entrance to their homes more than any other way in or out, so potential purchasers are likely to want to see your garage doors in operation.

There are four basic types of garage doors; they can swing out, swing up, slide to the side, or the most popular of all by far, they can roll up. It is important to choose the right style to suit your home, but with the modern roller garage doors, they can be made however you want, even to mimic older styles if that would be more aesthetically pleasing for your home.


Do You Park In Your Garage?

Just drive down one of your local roads and see how many cars are parked on the drives of the houses or on the side of the road. People use garages for all sorts of different things. Some homeowners turn them into a gym, some use them as a studio or home office, but the most common use for a garage is as storage space. No matter what uses you have for your garage, we come to the first advantage of insulated roller garages doors, which is that they will help to keep it at a more even temperature. As long as you use a reputable company that will install a perimeter sealing system as well, to prevent air creeping in or leaking out, your garage will remain warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer.

This can give you peace of mind that anything left in the garage is not going to get damp or be ruined because of overheating. If you are using the garage for storage, you will know that goods will come out of their boxes in as good a condition as they went in. When using it as an additional room, such as a gym or office, it will be much easier to keep the temperature at the correct level for any equipment you may have.

Even if you do use your garage to actually park your vehicle, it has to be better for the car to be kept in a more even environment.

Energy Efficiency

Just like anywhere else in your home that is insulated and draft proofed, your garage will cost less money to heat when the weather is cold, and there will be less air conditioning needed when the sun is blazing down on your garage. This can be a huge advantage if you are using your garage as a home office or an art studio, for example, as extreme heat or cold can stop you working, and the cost of keeping a comfortable temperature can be prohibitive without the extra insulation. Of course, it can help even more if you insulate other external walls as well, but that would be a waste of effort and money without insulated garage doors and perimeter sealing.

Extra Security And Made To Measure Peace

Good quality insulated roller garage doors will provide extra security. A good manufacturer will tailor make the doors to suit your garage exactly, and the thicker slats used help to make them more secure.    There are different options for you to choose from, including a variety of finishes and colors. There are also different ways for them to be operated. You can opt to have the doors motorized, chain driven, hand-cranked or push up, depending on the weight, size, and how often they are likely to be opened and closed. Although no-one would claim they can be used as soundproofing, they will certainly reduce the amount of noise from outside when they are closed, helping to make your garage a more peaceful environment to be in.

Space Saving

Because of the way insulated roller garage doors coil into overhead storage with a vertical operation, you can park your vehicle very close to them, inside or outside the garage, without any fear of them damaging your car. If you should damage the doors, individual slats can be replaced without too much trouble, unlike many of the cheaper single skin steel roller doors. You can save even more space in your garage by having the roller garage door installed externally. This can be done very easily as the design allows a fully enclosed aluminum hood to enclose the coil and still give a pleasing look to the property.

As they coil into a casing, even when the door is fitted internally, it will not take up ceiling space where you might otherwise put lights or a ceiling fan. It also looks much nicer on the inside because you don’t need runners along the ceiling for a traditional door.


With exceptionally durable construction, twin walls, and with CFC free foam, most of them carry at least a two-year guarantee.  Good quality insulated roller garage doors need very little maintenance and will last a very long time.

Insulated roller doors are exceptional value for money compared to cheaper steel shutters or up and over garage doors and are a sound investment whether you are looking for garage doors for your home or commercial premises.

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