The Complete Guide to Looking Your Best Self Yet

We are in control of our appearance. We can say what we like with it, and we typically use our power to express who we are to the world at large. It is for that very reason that people very rarely dress up for someone else. Most of the time they dress up for how the outfit makes them feel and because they like how they look. It is this very affirming action that is so confidence boosting.

Reaching the stage where you can confidently wear what you want, however, can be difficult. Many people try not to stand out because they don’t want to highlight their insecurities. This could be their weight; it could be their hair, skin, or even their features. Not only is hiding for these reasons a waste, but it is also not how you can live a happy, fulfilled life.

Though of course there are cosmetic options involving surgery for those who really want to change their appearance, chances are you don’t need to go to such extremes. Instead, all you need to do is learn to forget the media’s idealized version of beauty and instead focus on being your healthiest, best self.

Focusing on your health is the best way to be more beautiful because it is health specifically that all mammals are genetically inclined to recognize. As a bonus, healthy living also improves how you feel, your body’s functions, and the quality and length of your life. When you feel better, a light shines from within. There is no downside to living a healthier life, but changing your unhealthy habits to healthier ones can be difficult. That is why improving your life in small ways can be the key secret to sticking to your new routines. It is through consistency, after all, where real results are revealed. Say "yes" to a healthy new beginning and beauty from within.
Start with Your Diet

Your diet is everything. Your body cannot exist without sustenance, and it cannot thrive without the essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are what support your body’s functions, and not getting enough can lead to many problems. Some vitamins help with the production of the thyroid hormone that helps with weight management.  Other vitamins and minerals help your eyesight, or bone strength.  All of them are necessary for your body to work at its best.

Processed foods, however, mean we can get more than we need of macronutrients like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and not enough of the vitamins and minerals. We can exist with just macronutrients for a short while, but that will lead to malnutrition. If you think being overweight means that you cannot become malnourished, you are mistaken. Nutrients are separate from calories and should never be purposefully taken out of any diet.

Where you can have variety, however, is with your macronutrient intake. The ketogenic diet, for instance, places emphasis on fat over the proteins or carbohydrates. This puts the body into a state of ketosis, a form of starvation mode. By sticking with this diet by using a meal plan service like Ketoned Bodies, you can train your body to start eating fat rather than the glucose produced by carbohydrate intake.

When your body uses fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates, you feel better. That is because your body gains more energy from burning fat, leading to a more active lifestyle. Of course, other benefits also include weight loss, as your body will directly be burning fat rather than the fuel from the food you eat.

If you have specific health concerns, use your diet to impact them directly. Acne, for instance, can be reduced by limiting the amount of dairy and sugar in your diet, among these other foods. Dull hair, poor eyesight, weak bones, and a plethora of other health concerns can also be improved just by changing your diet. If you truly want to have a diet that helps support you, consult a dietician. That way you can build a diet that specifically targets your concerns.

Beauty Routine

Just as you should work on what you put in your body, you should also target your efforts on your beauty routine. There is only so much you can do for your skin with your diet, after all, when your pores get clogged every day with dirt and pollution. That is why you should have a morning and nighttime routine, and remember to stick to it.

Though there are different levels of routine available, and no shortage of options for products, the minimum you need to do is relatively simple. Have a cleanser that works for you depending on your skin type and a moisturizer. For the daytime try to have a moisturizer that also contains SPF and reapply it through the day. That’s it! For more targeted routines, you can use serums that contain vitamins that your skin can directly absorb, or medicated options if you have more persistent acne. 

Your New Exercise Regimen

Healthy living always means leading a more active lifestyle. Of course, not everyone carries weight the same, which is why rather than trying to starve yourself or work out excessively to achieve a body type you simply don’t have, you should aim to just be healthier and stronger. An active lifestyle is one that supports organ function, improves blood circulation, and one that helps you live a long and healthy life. It does not necessarily mean going to the gym every day.

It is for that reason that dog owners are notoriously healthier than non-dog owners, as they will walk their pet every day (and sometimes more than once). To similarly see great results, just try to do more. Walk in the mornings, bike to work, and so on. The more active you are, the healthier you will be. That being said, if you want to tone up, you will need to do strength exercises. If you cannot afford a gym membership, there are many ways you can get this exercise done at home.  Body weight workouts work very well.

Healthy living is the single best tactic to look your best. Health has been equated to beauty since the dawn of time, and its benefits go so much further than skin-deep. That is why a focus on healthy living is the best solution for everyone. 

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