They Grow Up So Fast, So How Can You Keep Up?

The old cliche saying of ‘they grow up so fast’ is just that, cliche, but it’s completely true. It's just that you need to help them grow as a person mentally, but you have to be there for them physically. No one wants to be the kid in the classroom that gets picked on because their shoes are so worn your toes stick out. By that very same token, you don’t want to be the parent of that child either. Also, children will remember those times you didn’t show any care toward them in terms of items that will improve their life. So how can you as a parent, keep up with the pace of their growth?

Plan ahead for clothes

We’ve all seen The Simpsons episode where Bart keeps measuring how much he grew overnight, each morning before his breakfast. It's a funny observation on life as in fact many kids do take notice of how they’re growing. Unfortunately, some parents wait too long, and before they know it, they need to suddenly buy their kid a new coat for school. Or new soccer cleats for the new season. So instead, plan ahead, and yes, just like Bart, take notice of how much your children are growing. Start saving up a little money in advance, and when the time comes to buy them new house, outdoor, or school clothes, you won’t be caught off guard.

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Time wasting items

The older they get, the more they eat. Children need to intake more and more calories as their bodies begin to enter into adulthood. So the logistics and time management of a household immediately gets taxed. That two-piece toaster you have just isn’t cutting it anymore. The old microwave you have adds precious seconds or even minutes to your morning breakfast routine. So the next stop you need to make for a family with a growing appetite is the kitchen and home improvement store. Before you go, don’t just throw out your old items. Instead, you can donate to Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga used appliances. Their Restores are a unique retail vision whereby anyone can donate their home appliances, and they’ll be given to people who really need them.

Upsize wardrobes/dressers/closets  

Sooner or later, children will grow out of "not caring" and then become fashion conscious. Their taste in clothes will also expand, and in the youth dynamic and culture, they will want to look the part. The little kiddie wardrobe isn’t going to cut the mustard any longer. Save up and get a full-size wardrobe or dresser so they can increase their lineup of clothes both for formal occasions such as weddings and funerals, and also ‘going out’ fashion.  

Mattress and the bed

Remember when you woke up one morning in your mid-teens to find your feet were freezing. Your toes were hanging outside the duvet and over the edge of the bed. This doesn’t make much for a good night’s sleep. When your kids enter their early teens, you should already be looking at newer beds and mattresses to support their increase in size and weight.

The key is staying one step ahead of nature and biology. Don’t let their growth catch you and your wallet or purse off guard. Start saving up for these little improvements that have to be made in order to cater to their lives transitioning from young to adult.

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