4 Must Know Tips for Improving Your General Wellbeing

Feeling healthy and happy is an incomparable feeling, and it’s a feeling that you’re continually seeking. So, you should learn exactly how to harness this feeling and lock it in to enjoy time and time again. Humans need many things to be happy, however, often the simplest things, such as walking and new experiences, are the ones that have the biggest impact. You need to work out what makes you most happy, so begin by trying out a range of activities such as joining sports clubs or learning to cook new recipes.


Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Invest in your quality of sleep, and get the right mattress for you. If you suffer from back pain, having an adjustable number bed could help with your spine support and provide comfort as you recline and sleep. Allow yourself an hour to wind down before actually climbing into bed to try and sleep. In your hour, you could run a bath and add some aromatherapy oils, or read two or three chapters from a book while in bed with soft lighting. Slow classical music can help to stimulate relaxation, so think about devising a playlist of all your favorite classical songs. Orchestral music is conducive for sleep, so start by listening to some pieces by Faure, for example.

Drink More Water

You cannot go wrong by keeping your brain and body hydrated and, in turn, feeling alert and energized. If you don’t already, then make sure that you’re drinking at least two liters of water a day, this excludes coffee, tea, and fruit juices. If you’re not keen on the taste of plain water, then add two or three slices of lemon or lime and a handful of berries to your water bottle. Try to get into the routine of drinking a glass of water before each meal, and a glass an hour before bed too.


Reading encourages you to sit down quietly and regulate your breathing. Sitting quietly helps to relax your mind, and reading keeps your brain active and stimulated but not overly so. Reading is the perfect activity to enjoy before going to sleep as it aids your body to calm down and think about rest. You will have noticed that reading makes your eyelids feel heavy, as you’re becoming more relaxed as you continue to read – providing you’re not reading a thriller.

Try Something New

Spontaneity is underrated, so try out something you’ve never done before. Try having a day to enjoy water sports, or decide to climb a steep hill. You should be looking for new safe ways to challenge yourself, so consider stepping outside of your comfort zone now and again. You might surprise yourself and discover you have a natural aptitude for dancing or indoor skiing, for example. Get out there and enjoy letting your hair down once in a while. 

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