5 DIY Jobs You Should Never Try to Do Yourself

Watching HGTV or other home makeover shows doesn’t make you an expert in home improvements. Much as it can be tempting to tell the television ‘I can do that’ when you watch your favourite show transform a run-down house into a beautiful, modern space, it’s not something you should do. Yes, you should aim to paint your own lounge and wallpaper your own entrance way, but before you pick up a sledgehammer and start knocking in walls, you may wait to call in the experts.
Contractors will know which jobs are safe for you to do and which aren’t. You could check out https://kitchensacramento.com/kitchen-remodeling-guide-tips-advice/ to get an idea of the things that you could do for your home, but there are some things that you should never do yourself. Take your inspiration from home makeover shows, by all means, but check out the list below of jobs that you shouldn’t try to do unless you’ve been trained.
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Crown moldings can give a room a makeover in class and beauty, but no amount of home-done caulk will smooth out the edges of a wonky wall. Those who are experts at applying molding often use methods that YouTube won’t teach you, such as scribing, to ensure that crown molding stays where it should. It’s not an easy job, for even the experienced contractor, so it’s definitely on the ‘do not do it’ list!

Floor Refinishing

We’ve all seen the scene in Friends, with Monica twirling around on the sanding machine when she finishes the floors in the apartment. The thing is, most contractors won’t even finish their OWN floors and will always bring in someone who has experience in doing it on the daily. You need to bring in an expert who has a feel for the machinery to do it for you so that you don’t accidently end up with an uneven floor.

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Electrical Work

Unless you’re changing a lightbulb or swapping over your plug fuses, stay away from touching the wiring in the home. A dimmer switch installation may look straightforward, but if you’re not formally trained you could end up, well, killing yourself. Don’t risk it for a light switch.


Okay, so this one is more of a borderline ‘don’t’ than an absolutely don’t do it, but it’s still on the list. Simple tiling can be done on your own, but if you are aiming for a particular uniform look, you need to stay away from it entirely. It’s better to save yourself the trouble of mucking up the job and just bring on the professionals.


If there is a job that requires you to get on a ladder and reach up to the roof, then you should probably stay away from it. Ladders are dangerous as a rule and patching up an older roof may need more extensive work than your untrained eye can see.
Your house needs to stay looking good and a part of that is knowing your limitations. Follow those and keep it nice!

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