5 Home Photography Tips that Will Send Buyers Flocking

When it comes to selling a house, a photo is truly worth a thousand words. For that reason, you must put a lot of thought into every listing photo you take. And just as good pictures will help make your ad more noticeable and efficient, bad pictures could easily ruin it. Here are a few tips for taking the perfect listing photo.


Choose the Right Camera

Even when a mobile phone is within reach, don’t use it for home photography. The phone’s narrow-angle lens is only suitable for self-portraits, not real estate. Ideally, listing photos should have a wide angle so that a prospective buyer gets a better view of the property. But to take them, you need a regular wide-angle camera with a 10mm - 18mm lens at the least. With that said, avoid fish-eye lenses at all costs. Although they capture the most detail, they also distort the image. If you want more info on which camera would be better for your listing, visit a site like Max Nash for more information.

Let in the Light

Dark, gloomy photos never portray a house in a positive light. But they’re avoidable if you let in as much sunlight as you can before reaching for the camera. So, choose a sunny day when taking indoor pictures for your listing. And even then, remember to turn on all the lights in the room, or bring professional lighting if necessary. However, photos of a house exterior are just the opposite. Instead of needing more light, they need less of it because bright sunlight results in poor color saturation and distracting shadows. For this reason, take exterior photos on overcast days.

De-clutter the Rooms

Books dumped on the tables, clothes thrown on the seats, and stuffed toys left on the floor can distract even the most interested buyer. As if that’s not enough, cluttered closets do even more; they give the impression that there isn’t enough space in the house. So before taking any photographs, try to straighten out a room. And whatever you do, make sure to close any closet door.

Clean the Dishes

The kitchen, too, needs decluttering. Ignoring the stacks of dirty dishes, open drawers, and exposed trash may be easy for you while you’re snapping away with your camera. But for buyers, the memory of all that filth may turn them off. For that reason, make sure that the kitchen is as tidy as possible.

Get Rid of Pets and Bystanders

Clutter and dirty dishes are not the only things that distract or turn buyers off. Pets and people who crowd the listing photo can have the same effect. For instance, 6 out of every 10 homes don’t have a dog, according to the American Pets Association. So that cute dog in the photo is, at best, unnecessary. In fact, the sight of the pet may put off clients who suffer from fur allergies.


Taking the best listing photos is not as difficult as it seems if you use the right equipment and focus on what matters. Make sure that you follow the tips in this article if you really want your listing to stand out.

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