5 Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Your home will be one of the biggest joys in your life, where you can come back after a long day at work to relax and unwind. Relaxing at home can be tricky when your house is messier and dirtier than you might hope, and staying on top of tidying can be even harder when your days are full with work and other commitments. However, having harmful chemicals on hand to get rid of any dirt won’t give you the most effective cleaning job, and can spell disaster for pets or young children. Whenever you get time, you should make your own cleaning solutions from the comfort of your kitchen, which you can always rely on to keep your home clean and safe.
All-purpose cleaner

One of the most popular products people go to the store for is all-purpose cleaner, which can be used to wipe down surfaces. For something so commonly used, you will need a reliable replacement. To start, you should mix hydrogen peroxide with some essential oils, and dilute it with some water to make the ideal strength you require. As a sterilizing agent, you can be sure the peroxide will kill any germs. To keep it from spoiling, store it in an opaque bottle away from sunlight.

Stain remover

There will be some stubborn stains that your all-purpose cleaner can’t be used on, which can become harder to remove over time. While you should always use white wine vinegar or lemon juice on any stains immediately after they occur, there will usually be a stubborn mark left after. These are the kinds of stains that can only be removed by a professional carpet cleaner, but to avoid any harmful chemicals coming inside, you should turn to one like My Technicare, who uses non-toxic solutions.

Drain un-clogger

You may have had, or might have in the future, some point in your life when the drain becomes too clogged to drain any excess water from your sink. It is easy at times like this to reach for the phone and call the plumber, but you should always try fixing it yourself first. For a quick and easy solution, mix baking soda and salt and pour into your sink, before following with warm vinegar. You will hear it fizz for a few moments, after which you can press your drain button to unclog the mess.

Glass cleaner

Everyone wants the mirrors, wine glasses, and windows to be sparkling clean in their home, which can add a truly polished touch to any household. While using all-purpose cleaner can sometimes help, it can more often than not leave smears that are even harder to remove. Having a separate glass cleaner on hand will be a huge help, and it can be made easily by mixing water, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and even a tablespoon of cornstarch.

Dish soap

You may notice how your hands feel dry after washing the dishes, and not everyone can afford the luxury of a dishwasher. Avoid this happening, and keep your plates sparkling by following a natural dish soap recipe. One of the most popular includes using grated soap and essential oils to combat nasty smells.

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