7 Ideas for Getting Your Home Looking Fresh in Time for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to see it in with style. Firstly, prepare for summer by allowing more light to fill in through the windows. So with this in mind, think about removing your drapes in favor of shutters or blinds, and be sure to begin opening windows in the morning to allow the fresh air to flood in. Getting your house feeling fresh for summer needn’t involve completely redecorating your home, instead, think about getting it clean and tidy and adding flowers and attractive new ornaments. Of course, if your house has long been in need of some TLC, then now is the time to attend to its needs and get it looking fresh, and like somewhere you’re going to want to spend your time this summer.
Operation Clean Up

In order to make your house feel fresh, you’re going to have to give it a thorough spring clean. This means wiping dusty surfaces clean, hoovering and mopping throughout your house, and removing clutter and otherwise untidy items. You should also sort any issues that have shown up over winter, for example, if your water pipes have become noisy, then call a plumber and return your peace back to your bathroom. If you have pets, and you’ve somewhat neglected to hoover since last spring, then it’s a good idea to blitz clean your carpet in order to remove dirt that will cause smells, and any small bug and insects brought in by your pets. Search for carpet cleaners near you, for example, carpet cleaners Denver, to then arrange a booking and get your house looking, smelling, and feeling fresh for summer.

Freshen Up The Air

Add to the ambiance of your home by making sure that fresh air is circulating around your home. Open the windows wide for at least an hour in the morning before leaving for work, as this will help your home to smell fresh when you return, and it’ll also make your house feel less stifling and dark if you’ve experienced a particularly tough and oppressive winter. When summer arrives and brings the heat of the midday sun with it, you’ll be relying on opening the window to cool down. Having a new ventilation fan can help you welcome in the fresh air, and begin breathing life back into your home. Last but not least, add houseplants and flowers to your home, in every room. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so place them in your home and reap the benefits of having your own natural air purifiers.

Lay A New Lawn
A new lawn will provide your kids, or young children in the family, a soft space to play around on. The winter and cold frosts wreak havoc with lawns and can make the ground hard and tough. Lay a new lawn to make sure all ages can enjoy the garden this summer and add four chairs circling a picnic table. If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear, but not necessarily inoperable, so to speak, then try to energize it by sowing a large handful of grass seed. Get your yard looking fresh and luscious in time for summer and begin making plans to lay new turf, or grass seed weeks in advance. This way, your lawn will be looking it’s best on the first day of summer.

Add A Pond To Your Yard

Investing money in your yard is going to help it appear fresh and full of life this summer. If you have the time, then consider re-landscaping to include a small pond or water feature if your wallet allows. Surprisingly, you can create a pond for little money, and you can ask the youngest members to give you a hand with digging and lining the inside. Young kids will love helping to choose the fish for the pond, so get them involved wherever you can. A pond or small water feature will help to make your garden feel serene, and it’ll bring with it the relaxing sound of slow-moving water.

Seal Up Cracks

Winter is infamously cold, and if you were hit with an especially cold season this year, then your home might well be in need of a few touch-ups here and there. Rapid drops in temperature can lead to cracks and holes appearing in places they shouldn’t, so it’s a good idea to walk around your house and make an inventory of all the places that need fixing, items that need replacing, and surfaces that need a clean and polish. Small gaps and cracks allow insects to gain entry to your home, and well, set up their new home. Get your house summer ready and keep the creepy crawlies out. You can do this yourself by getting hold of a strong Polyfilla and beginning to seal up the small crevices.

Create A Reading Space Beside The Window
Summer is the time of year to get out and about outside in order to enjoy the weather and scenery around you. As blissful as summer is, it can surprise you with rainy days. It’s not always feasible to leave the house every day, as soaring temperatures and freak rains can make being outside unbearable. So, plan ahead and cover all bases. Try switching up your interior design a little bit and make a reading area or at least a quiet space by the window. You’ve probably enjoyed a cozy space by the fire over the course of winter, but now it’s time to gravitate towards the natural light and set up a comfortable seating area by the window.


Get inspired to remove all the clutter from your home before summer so that you can enjoy a clean and clear living space. If you’re thinking of inviting family and friends over to your place for BBQ dinners over the summer, then you’re going to need to prepare the area and make sure it looks sleek and fresh without piles of miscellaneous papers, boxes, and other mess. Take a look around your home, and remove items that are broken or damaged and get them replaced. With this said, however, if these items still have some life in them yet, then consider donating them to charity. After all, somebody might make good use of items you don’t want. Get your house looking clean, tidy, and fresh for summer and fall back in love with your home-sweet-home.

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