Culinary Style -- 6 Ways to Beautify Your Kitchen

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It’s the unwritten rule: the kitchen is the heart of every household. This should surprise precisely no one, given the fact that this room serves the most functions and it's where many families spend most of their time together. With this truth in mind, here are a few ways to beautify your kitchen without going overboard on the expenses.

Classy Cookware

The kitchen is, ultimately, a workspace and its design and overall look should reflect that. Don't shy away from putting your best cookware on display for your family and friends to see. Consider mounting some hanging racks or wall hooks to exhibit your more attractive pieces. Even if they serve a functional purpose, some of these pots and pans have a certain appeal that can give your kitchen a cozier, Tuscan-like appearance.

Don't Neglect the Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in how a room looks and feels. Natural light is essential for the kitchen since it has a certain homey, clean, and cozy feel attached to it. Try drawing attention to this fact by making use of some attractive curtains. As for light fixtures, go for something that illuminates the entire work area. Bold glass fixtures usually work well in the kitchen. What's more, they can turn into a decorative focal point, encouraging people to congregate here.

Throw in the Kitchen Sink

As most of us already know, the sink can make or break a kitchen. A greasy kitchen sink or one that's full of dirty dishes will immediately stand out to anyone. Likewise, a sparkling sink can draw attention from other messy areas in the kitchen. Regardless of your taste or budget, choose one that ties the whole room together. It doesn't need to be fancy, but one that looks great when it's clean.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

Like with the sink, countertops are what people see the moment they step into the kitchen. If you're on a tight budget and there's only one thing that you can change in the kitchen, make it this one. Granite or soapstone patterns go well with most furniture and will add a superb contrast to the whole room. The countertop is where all the action is taking place and is the foundation of the kitchen d├ęcor, setting the tone for the entire space to follow.

Color in the Kitchen

Plenty of kitchens around the world are too monotone and 'safe' when it comes to their color spectrum. In their defense, however, it's fairly easy to get it wrong or overdo it, giving the kitchen a messy feel. When redoing your kitchen take into account the size of the space, as well as the volume, intensity, and hue of the colors you will be using.

Clutter usually becomes a factor when certain colors are used too sparingly, not adding to the overall theme. If your kitchen is of average size or above and has a fair amount of medium to dark wood cabinetry, the colors you choose should cover enough surface to set the tone of the entire space.

Herbs and Spices

Plants are an elegant touch in beautifying your kitchen. Placing them on or around the windowsill will give the space a fresh, clean feel; something that every kitchen needs to have. Instead of going for the usual flowers, think about growing something useful like herbs and spices. Depending on the level of light and the space available, certain plants work better than others.   

In the end, the kitchen should reflect your unique personality, so, don't be afraid to express it.

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