Effective Ways to Make Your Relationship Work Better

Being in a relationship is all about balance, the balance of the two of you together and the balance of your relationship to each other. No relationship is perfect all the time; there will be times when you will disagree and even argue. However, the secret to a better relationship is to understand each other. If your relationship is suffering at the moment, then you might need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. Here are a few tips for making your relationship work better.

Finding the Right Person

A good relationship starts with the right person; if you can find someone compatible, then this makes all the difference. Unfortunately, no amount of matching can guarantee you will find the right person, but you should be able to find someone by meeting people and going on dates. With any new relationship, it is important that you take your time and learn about each other before going to the next level. There are many people who rush into a relationship only to find that the person turns out not to be what they wanted. It can lead to serious problems down the line including separation. If you are at a point in your life where separation may be the option to take, you may need a service such as Edmonton Divorce Lawyers. New relationships will also take time to settle down while you are learning what the other person likes and doesn’t like. It is normal to go through this phase, so don’t worry about it unduly.


If there is one thing that anyone will say is the most important, it’s communication. From the beginning of a relationship, communication is the one thing that can make or break it. When you first meet, you might be keen to make yourself seem more interesting than you are, but there is a limit to this. If you start building a relationship where you hide the truth from each other, then this is not going to make your relationship work in the long term. This will probably escalate into a problem further on. It is at points such as these that you need to work hard to recover anything from the relationship. From the beginning, you need to be open and honest about your past and your current life. There may be things that you don’t want to discuss, but it is only fair that the other person knows everything. They can then make an informed choice about the relationship.

Acknowledge Your Partner

It might seem like a simple thing to do, but acknowledging your partner and the effort they are making is hugely important. Saying thank you and showing your appreciation are little things that can make a big difference to a relationship. Everyone knows that over time, you can become familiar with each other and perhaps take each other for granted a little. However, if you allow this to continue without redress, then your partner will quickly feel unappreciated and perhaps even unloved. To prevent this from happening, the key is always to say thank you and how much you appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t have to be a major show of affection all the time, just the small acknowledgment that you know how hard they work will be enough to make them feel appreciated.

Mutual Dependence

Some people mistake interdependence with being totally dependent on the other person. In fact, this isn’t the case; there is a subtle difference that makes the dependency mutually accepted. Interdependence means you are expressing your appreciation of each other at a deeper level than simply saying the words. It means that you are fully supportive of each other, but you are not sacrificing your own beliefs or your values. Couples who are truly interdependent can still enjoy time to themselves and with others, while also enjoying time with their partner. The key is learning to create the right balance between the two of you. As you can imagine, this type of interdependence doesn’t happen overnight; it can take a long time to reach that level. However, if you are both working towards this balance, then you can still enjoy a fulfilling relationship in the meantime.

Be Playful Together

Every relationship needs fun to survive; it is often one of the things that get two people together in the first place. How many times have you heard someone say that they were attracted to someone because they made them laugh? The reason behind this is that when you make someone smile or laugh, it makes them create a chemical like oxytocin which makes them feel closer to you. However, once you are a couple, this needs to continue to keep the relationship going in the long term. Try to do things that make you both happy and laugh; it could be something tried and trusted, or something new. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are both having fun, that is all that matters. It is one reason why couples with similar interests tend to work out better because the same things make them smile.


One of the reasons honesty is so important is because every relationship needs a level of acceptance towards the other person. They need to accept you and your past just like you need to accept them. By being honest, you are giving them the chance to make the decision to accept you as you are or not. That is why learning about someone’s past after you get together can be more difficult to overcome. As much as you need to accept your partner, you also need to accept yourself. You need to evaluate where you are in your relationship and your life and come to terms with yourself. It can be extremely difficult to open up and make a relationship work if you are still having problems with your own past.

Stay Positive as a Couple

Even though every relationship goes through hard times, you still need to try to maintain a positive attitude to your life as a couple. It is the key to keeping your relationship harmonious and staying happy together. Being positive isn’t always an easy thing to do, and sometimes, you might feel anything but positive. However, if you are there for each other and are positive to your spouse, then it will make your partner feel better about themselves and more positive about the situation. There are some relationships where one partner becomes depressed or in a low mood for some time. It can be a struggle to cope with for both people, and it can be especially hard to remain positive. It can be at times like these that relationships break down, which is why it is so important that you seek help if you feel depressed. If your partner can see that you are trying to make positive steps towards getting  better, it can make them feel better about the relationship.

Reinforce Your Feelings

Any relationship no matter how long you have been together needs positive reinforcement to stay healthy. In the beginning, it is easy to tell the other person that you love them and that you will always be there for them. However, this is something you need to maintain over time to make the relationship last. It can be the little things that make all the difference, for example, staying in touch during the day or saying you love them every day. You also need to show that you are true to your word and that you will be there for them when they need you. Reinforcement of your feelings for each other is something that always needs constant attention, or you might find that you or your partner's feelings may change.

Honesty Is Key

As mentioned earlier, honesty is what should begin a relationship and maintain it for as long as the relationship lasts. There is no room for error when it comes to honesty, as a lack of it can quickly turn a good relationship into separation. Trust and honesty are the building blocks of a good relationship, and they also create a strong shield against the bad things that can happen in life. If you know that you can trust your partner no matter what, then you feel more confident facing the world knowing they are there with you. However, any breach of the trust or honesty can have serious consequences for the relationship and can lead to suspicion and doubt from the other partner. If something happens in your life, then it is vital that you share this with your partner, so they can share the burden with you. Even if it is something that scares or makes you feel ashamed, you will feel stronger if you take your partner into your confidence.

These are some of the main ways that you can make your relationship work better. Even though you will have your ups and downs as you go along, maintaining a healthy relationship will enable you to face them all with strength and love.

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