How to Kick-Start Your Child's Acting Career

 If your child has shown a particular talent and interest in the performing arts, then you should do everything that you can to allow them to pursue this. Acting can be a wonderful activity for youngsters, which can develop a whole host of important life skills, such as self-confidence, communication, public speaking, etc. In addition to this, they may have a real talent that could see them become the next biggest star! If your child has a passion for acting and you want to allow them to follow this, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get their acting career off to a great start:

It is vital that you make sure that your child knows that if they are serious about acting they must also still work hard at school and have a backup plan. It is great to encourage your kids to pursue their dreams, but it is still important to be realistic and ensure that they have something to fall back on if things do not work out. Acting is a tough industry to crack, so make sure that they know this going into it. It is also important that you listen to your child to see how serious they are about acting and never push them too far.

Classes & Workshops

Some people have a natural talent for acting, but it is also a skill that needs polishing and work. Sign up your kid for lots of classes and workshops which will help to develop their skills and also introduce them to new people. Additionally, attending classes and workshops shows casting agents that they are committed and have experience.


Starting out, any auditions that you can get will be excellent experiences. This can, understandably, be quite daunting at first, but they will get easier with time and there is a lot of helpful information online for performing well in auditions. Even if it is an unpaid opportunity, it can be helpful to gain experience and to build a contacts list.


Getting professional headshots made is an essential step. Find a photographer that specializes in headshots, like Mike Sansone Photography, and somebody that your child will feel happy and confident working with. A good headshot will stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of getting selected.


Once your child has a few classes, workshops, and gigs under their belt, it is time to craft a resume. Be sure to include everything in detail and to list their skillset. This, along with the headshots, will be what is seen first, so you need to make sure that the resume is comprehensive. In addition to their experience, the resume will also need to include age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.

Build A Profile

In today’s internet-driven world, an actor can also get noticed by developing a strong online profile. A Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to their acting can get them noticed, while a YouTube channel is another fantastic tool to have, and an opportunity to show all of the great work that they have done so far. Many young talents are identified through these channels as opposed to the more traditional route, so take the time to develop a strong online presence too.

Obtain An Agent

An agent knows how to navigate the market and land work for your child. Search for reputable agents in your local area and ideally one that specializes in working with young stars. Always make sure that this is somebody that your kid likes and gets along with as they will need to develop a strong working relationship, and the agent will need to be able to communicate with them regularly, easily.


Once you have landed an agent, they can take care of landing jobs, but the work does not stop there. You can still help your child by networking and making sure as many people know about them as possible. Speak to local theater companies, drama schools, and clubs in the local area - the more people are aware, the more likely it is that new opportunities will arise.

Developing Skills

At the same time, constantly be looking out for ways that they can continue to develop their skill. An acting coach can be a helpful investment, while you could also look to broaden their skills with accent lessons, piano playing, horse-riding, etc. The more that your child can do, the more jobs will be open to them. Even the biggest Hollywood stars continue to develop their talent, so it should be viewed as a constant ongoing process where you never stop learning.


In a similar vein, studying the performing arts is another way that they can learn and ignite their passion. Encourage them to watch films, attend theatre shows, and even analyze adverts on television. Talk to them afterwards to see what they thought was good, what was bad, what they would have done in particular roles etc. Although it is important that they immerse themselves in the performing arts, they should also not neglect their studies and also continue to socialize and have fun with their friends. This is important for their own happiness but also for their own well-being as they should not be entirely career-driven at such a young age.

The performing arts can be a fantastic industry for a child to get into whether they simply want to enjoy the thrill of performing onstage, or try to make a career out of it. It can develop a whole host of valuable skills and provide a real passion, but it can also be famously difficult to navigate. The above should help any parent to get the ball rolling on their child’s acting career and help them to find opportunities for them to grow and develop as a performer. With lots of love and support, some hard-work and taking advantage of every opportunity, they should find some level of success and develop the tools they need to grow.

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