How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary Celebration

 Wedding anniversaries are always an event to celebrate, especially when you start reaching the milestone years. If two people have managed to make it through five decades of marriage, then they deserve to be congratulated for it! When two people make a life together, it not only affects their own lives but also touches the lives of other people. This is through the people they meet and to the families that they have together. If you are looking for a way to celebrate either your own marriage milestone or that of a family member or friend, here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect celebration.


First things first, just because you intend on throwing them the perfect celebration, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be nice to get the couple gifts to commemorate their years of married life together. One nice idea would be to make a gift through the celebration which you are holding. You could sort a photographer to take pictures of the event, and then collect them in a photo album to give to the couple after the big day. Of course, you could also get themed presents based on their years of marriage, such as silver jewelry from for a 25th anniversary.


The location which you choose for the party will be dependent on what sort of celebration you intend on having, and how many guests you intend on inviting. A small, intimate get-together could be hosted in your own home, or if you are planning for someone else, then you could plan to host it in their home. A dinner party is also something which could be held within a home to keep costs down, though alternatively, you could hold the party in a private room within a restaurant. For a larger gathering where you are perhaps celebrating a large milestone, such as a 20th or 50th wedding anniversary, it would ideally be located within a large hall or event space.


It is nice to include decorations which correlate to the year of the person’s marriage, in order to give the party a more personal feel. This could mean including bouquets of fruit or flowers for a fourth wedding anniversary or decorating a room in gold for a fiftieth wedding anniversary. You could also choose a theme for the party, choosing a topic which the couple would enjoy, to make it more fun and less formal.


The entertainment which you choose for the party will be predominantly dependent on what sort of party you intend on having. Choosing the entertainment should be done with the couple in mind. For example, a younger couple is more likely to enjoy eccentric party games, whereas an older couple would probably prefer something traditional. If you would like a lively party, with lots of dancing, then you might want to consider hiring a live band or DJ to provide music for the event. For big dates, you could also include speeches from friends and family members for the happy couple. 

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