Looking After the Essential Systems in Your Home

With life being as busy as it is these days - families to care for and organize, careers, self-care, hobbies, socializing, self-improvement – the list of things to do is almost endless, and it’s easy to not give much more than a passing thought to the essential infrastructure of your home. If there’s water coming out of the tap, heat coming from the radiators, and the toilet flushes properly, everyone just carries on, taking these basic necessities for granted. That is until they go wrong, and you come home to a freezing house, frozen water pipes, or a blocked toilet.


Regular Checks and Maintenance Routines

The best way to avoid problems with your essential services is to have a checking system in place so that you can spot anything that might be about to let you down. Make a list of all the systems and appliances in your house that you rely on every day, and plan a regular check of each one. That way you can deal with something before it turns into a big problem. You can also step in and fix things when you notice faults developing as you use your systems and appliances. Say for example you could feel the flush handle on the toilet starting to come loose, it should be easy enough to retighten it or replace it, thus preventing it becoming inoperable so you have problems flushing.

DIY or Call In an Expert?

There are simple maintenance jobs that are within the abilities of most homeowners to take on, for example lagging your exterior pipes when sub-zero temperatures are forecast to prevent them freezing. However, there are times when you need to get skilled professionals in to deal with any issues you have. You should always get qualified engineers to do work on gas boilers and electrical systems as they can be potentially dangerous if you don’t have the expertise required. Unless you have some experience and knowledge, most plumbing jobs need a professional too, because making a mistake with water can lead to leaks and possibly flooding, which can be a damaging and costly problem to put right.


Your house insurance may well cover your home against damage caused by faults, but check the policy to make sure, and amend the coverage if you can. Water and fire damage are hard enough to deal with without being faced with having no financial recompense either. Boilers and other heating systems need regular maintenance checks, performed by certified engineers. You can pay for an insurance or maintenance service that will cover the costs of repairs and breakdowns, so you won’t be faced with a big bill if your system does need repairing. It pays to upgrade your boiler too, as efficiency improves all the time and replacing an older unit with one that is more efficient will cut your fuel bills and be more ecologically sound.

Try not to take the equipment and systems that provide you with your basic needs for granted. Keep a check on them, fix what needs fixing as soon as possible, service equipment to ensure it is performing at its optimal level, and get some help from a professional for anything more than the basic maintenance tasks.

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