Making More of Your Garden This Summer

Getting the most out of your garden can be quite a tricky thing to accomplish. For want of any better use, people tend to associate their garden as an area for children to play in, or just simply something nice to look at through your kitchen or living room windows. Or a place to socialize with friends and family while enjoying a BBQ, some gorgeous food, and a few drinks. What some people don’t realize is how you could utilize this space more. A garden is an extension of your home, it is very much a part of it and not just an addition that you shouldn't give a second thought. So many people don’t take advantage of their outside spaces which is why I thought it might be a good idea to share with you some of the ways you can make more of your garden this summer.

Could you make more of your garden by having different areas?

Your garden will most likely be a space that requires more than one use, am I right?However small or big your garden is, I guarantee you won’t be making the most of what you have. By dividing your garden into different areas, you can make it a much more usable space. If dining al fresco is your thing, then create an area to eat and entertain. This could be a decked area or a patio where your table and chairs could sit. You may even want to place the BBQ nearby. You could think about shelter, or make use of the space you have to include a parasol for shade or keeping you dry. Another area in your garden could be a place to relax. This could be a patio or another decked area where comfier chairs would be. Perhaps you could even have an outside fire pit for the cooler evenings. If you are a family with children, then perhaps an area with some things for the kids. This way it doesn’t take over your whole garden and gives you some much needed space for yourself.

Should you design your garden just like you would design your home?

Earlier on we mentioned that your garden is an extension of your home. So offer it the same thoughts and courtesy when it comes to the design and use of space. Think about colour schemes for flowers. During the winter months your flower beds can take a real beating, so you may want to invest some time and effort into making them more easy on the eye. Get rid of the weeds, and perhaps plant some new flowers ready to bloom as the weather gets better. Websites like Weed Razers could really help you out. A neat lawn area is another thing to consider and would make your garden more pleasing on the eye. Perhaps it has grown too long over the winter and needs cutting down, trimming the edges and getting rid of any fallen debris like leaves and twigs can make a huge difference to your outside space. It’s also a good idea to keep your garden tidy perhaps as much as you may do for your own home. Steam clean the patios, decked areas and walls to keep the outside space looking clean and maybe even invest in a shed to ensure that you have somewhere to put things when they are finished being used. Anything from your garden tools to garden furniture can be stored away neatly.

Could your garden be used differently?

If you have a space big enough, but don’t want to consider an extension, then maybe consider building something purpose built at the back of the garden or an area that affords the space. It could be a home office or a place where the kids can play. You may also want to create a space where you can escape and unwind and read a book in peace. A lot of people use their gardens to put up purpose built buildings such as summer houses, and these can actually even be fitted with electrical points and have access to wifi. You can then use them as a home office area as mentioned earlier, and even a place to relax, yourself. They don’t need to be uneasy on the eye either. Painting the exterior, adding some flower pots or even a window box if you have a window on the structure could make the world of difference to how it sits in your garden.

Would it be nice to use your garden all year round?

Finally, think about how you could use the garden all year round. To be honest, people only really associate their gardens in the warm and dry months, but that doesn't mean to say that we don’t get dry days in the autumn or winter, they just happen to be much colder. We have discussed in detail how your garden should be considered as an extension of your home, so making it available to be used all year round could really help you get more out of the space you do have. People struggle in smaller homes, and a garden is a luxury you should take advantage of to gain the extra space you need. You could add a covered up area so that you can still get some fresh air with your children or during the day when you need it the most. Another option to consider would be artificial grass. This avoids any of the mud situation you may get on wet grass during the autumn and winter. It enables your garden to be used at any time of the year, and actually will help you to make it more usable.

Gardens can often be after thoughts with many couples, singletons and families. It simply is something that people either enjoy doing, or just don’t. However, no matter where your interest lies, you can always make your own gardens a space that you can enjoy using, whether that is something that requires a lot of attention, or something completely low maintenance and minimal. I hope that you have found some of the ideas suggested above interesting, and that it has given you the inspiration to try something new yourself.

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