Renovation Rules - 7 Tips to a Smoother Home Improvement Project

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Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or have lived in yours for a while now and are in need of some renovations, you undoubtedly come into the process with a little trepidation. What you figured would be an easy job can quickly grow into a logistical and financial headache. By budgeting for the unexpected, you can give yourself the wriggle room needed for the job. However, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you don’t eat through all your savings. Here are seven tips to a smoother home improvement project:

Call the Professionals

Even if you are a die-hard DIYer, without professional experience, you can end up losing thousands if something goes wrong. By calling in the right tradesman like a residential electrician, you can get a report on the current status of your home before drilling unexpected problem areas. Sure, you may not want to spend money hiring someone to give you the rundown for a project you wanted to do on your own, but their sound advice may save you not only money but the headaches along the way.

Get the Right Tools

To avoid injury, you will need to use the right tool for the right job. Before undertaking any project, be sure to gather all the necessary supplies and equipment needed. You don’t want to be in the middle of any undertaking only to realize you are missing essential pieces of the puzzle and end up leaving the project half-baked while you scramble to access the equipment you need or try to rig a solution that will end up an unsightly mess. If you are doing a job, do it right the first time to avoid unnecessary costs down the road.

Pay Attention to Permits

Did you do your homework and make sure you have authorization for the renovation? Home improvement projects have enough moving parts about which to worry. Don’t have the law be one of them. Knowing when you do and don’t need a permit can save you time and heartache in the renovation process.

Check the Weather

It may not be a good idea to plan your roofing project during the rainy season. Instead, schedule those projects for the weather appropriate times. Of course, forecasts aren’t always accurate so prepare for the worst and hope for the best in regards to the elements.

Set Up Prep Stations

You’ve got your tools, you supplies and your plan, but all of that can be useless if you are constantly misplacing items and spending wasted time and energy searching for it. Avoid this problem by establishing a workstation where each tool and all your supplies have designated areas until it is their turn to be handled.

Block Out the Appropriate Time

You’ve been quoted two weeks for that project. That means you can schedule the housewarming party the day after, right? Maybe not. Things don’t always go according to plan, and just like having a full budget, you also want to plan for any extra time it may cost you.

Rent When You Can

Some tools and equipment are great to have on hand, but you may be better off renting other, less common tools for specialized jobs. How often do you use that wood floor drum sander? Not enough to devote a significant portion of your garage to store it, that’s for sure. Tools like this are better off rented and returned once the job is over.

Home renovations can quickly grow into hairy monsters if you leave costs and job efficiency unchecked. With these tips, you can prepare appropriately for the smooth project and beautiful outcome of which you’ve been dreaming.

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