Skin Care for Mature Women

As you age there are unavoidable changes to your skin as the years go by, and some changes could take you by surprise. It’s a fact that shouldn’t be disregarded that our skin changes as we age, skin cell production drops, skin elasticity drops, and its ability to hold moisture falls.

As you clock 40 you might have fine lines and wrinkles. In your 50’s you may notice your skin beginning to sag and develop rough patches. And in your 60’s you might notice age spots.

Good news! You can help your skin stay healthy and looking years younger than your age. The following tips will help mature women care for their skin.

Skin Care Tips for Mature Women 

Avoid Sunbathing 

When you overly expose your skin to the sun, it begins to age prematurely. If you have a habit of staying under the sun, especially during peak hours from 10 am to 4 pm, it’s time to stop. If you will be outdoors during peak hours, make sure your skin is protected. Wear loose clothes; preferably a long-sleeved shirt and pants, and use a hat. If you are thinking about tanning, there are alternatives to exposing yourself to the sun. There are self-tanning lotions, which give you the added color you seek. 

Always Wear a Sunscreen 

Religiously wear a sunscreen every day whether you are in the sun or not. Before now you might have noticed obvious damage to your skin like brown spots and wrinkles. Stick to the sunscreen that suits your skin best. If you will be out in the sun for some time, it’s best to reapply your sunscreen in two-three hour intervals. 

Possessing an Eye Cream is Important

In mature women the most visible sign of aging is the skin around the eyes becoming lean and weak. In mature women, the skin around the eyes becomes susceptible to wrinkles, swelling, and redness. Using a good eye cream could help deal with problems. To maximize your eye cream you have to know how to use it. You should always use your ring finger, and tap it on.  Most sources agree that you should never put eye cream on your top lid and never directly under your eye as it travels once you apply it. It's better to apply it around the area of your occipital bone and let it absorb upward on it's own.

Give Time to Moisturize 

The skin of mature women loses its ability to hold water; this could result in cracking and crumbling. Once you reach a certain age, hormone production drops off and you'd be surprised how much hormones actually do to protect your skin. It is important to choose the best antioxidant moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture. To get the best out of your moisturizer, use after you have washed, exfoliated, and applied your sunscreen. It’s also beneficial to moisturize in the night-time as it helps your skin stay hydrated while you sleep.

Exfoliate Your Skin 

The outer cover of your skin usually stiffens after some years due to the settlement of dead skin cells, this means that this layer of dead cells makes your skin lose its shine, making it look dull. The result is that you seem older than you are.  Exfoliation is important if your skin must keep up its natural and youthful look. Exfoliation works against the effect of these dead cells by automatically removing its accumulation. Plus, once the dead skin cells are removed, your moisturizer can do it's job better.

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