The Simple Method of Finding a Good Relationship

Love is a difficult thing to understand. It is experienced in so many ways by so many people and is one of the most important parts of history and culture. Familial love, platonic love, and romantic love are what bring people together and smooth out the harsher aspects of the world. In most of today’s modern society, people are shown images and stories of romantic love from children’s fairytales to the vast majority of films and books. There is a huge pressure on adults to find someone special and create a life with them, especially in more traditional or religious families. Love is also an industry, including Valentine’s Day and the countless websites and apps that promise to find you your soulmate. Through all the noise surrounding love, it can feel almost impossible to strip it back and find what you are looking for. Here is a simple method of approaching love and finding someone who is right for you.
One: Patience

It’s the most painful and tedious step, but it’s also the most important. Nothing good truly comes from rushing ahead, so take your time and let yourself enjoy your single status without panic. Those who can enjoy the single life and not grow restless or lonely are more likely to settle down with the right person instead of choosing the next fling that comes along. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having low-commitment partners now and then, but patience in finding the relationship that’s best for you is key. When you meet someone new, have patience with them also. Give them the chance to show who they are and let the relationship unfold organically. By taking your time and letting things progress at their own pace, you reduce the risk of falling into bad habits and never finding the right person. It helps to live your life fully, as you can increase the chances of meeting someone with similar interests and hobbies to you. Don’t rush fate by attending bars or joining a gym just because you think you’ll find someone there. Take your time and see where life leads you.

Two: Honesty

While searching for your ideal person, it’s important that you know yourself inside and out. If you don’t know what you like, you’ll find it more difficult to track down a partner you are happy with. Be honest with yourself about your tastes. This is vital because otherwise, you stand to break your own heart as well as other people’s. There’s no point pretending to yourself that you want one thing, when in reality you want another. You must also be honest with whoever you are dating. A good relationship requires honesty since lies cause distrust, friction and hurt feelings which can drive people apart. Staying open with the other person means you can bond closer and share a deeper connection. Don’t be ashamed of parts of your personality or appearance that Hollywood doesn’t portray; by letting yourself be vulnerable, you create a path for love.

Three: Respect

No matter how much fun you have with a partner, there is an expiration date to a relationship where one person doesn’t have respect for either themselves or the other person. Acknowledging them as a human being with an entire mind full of unique thoughts and memories is the foundation for a long-lasting, healthy relationship. When respect is lacking, any number of things can fall apart. If one partner refuses to respect the other’s need for personal space, it can become an abusive relationship with a power imbalance. If you are in need of assistance, please get in touch with sexual harassment lawyers in Michigan. In the workplace, familiarity and routine can be interpreted as romantic or sexual interest. At home, partners can become sexually demanding or threatening. Harassment comes from a lack of respect for the victim’s status as a separate person who deserves independence. Make sure to maintain respect for yourself and everyone you meet in order to start potential relationships on the right foot.

Four: Compatibility and Timespan

A common mistake many young people make is to jump into relationships with over-eagerness that quickly becomes an unhealthy dependency on the relationship. With a lack of experience comes the expectation that every partner should be a potential candidate for ‘the one.’ This approach will not bring you any closer to finding the perfect relationship as it focuses on haste and forced bonding rather than compatibility. Not every relationship has to be sparked with a view to marriage and growing old together, so let yourself have fun with romantic partners if that’s what you wish to do. However, when searching for a good, healthy relationship, you need to develop compatibility and spend enough time together to decide whether or not you are suited to each other. This can’t be done in the space of a few dates; it takes long conversations and shared activities to discover how deep your connection goes. If you find that your partner doesn’t match what you want in life, don’t stay in the relationship just to spare their feelings. You will save yourself future heartbreak by making sure you and your partner are strongly compatible before envisioning a future together.

Five: Practicality

You might not be at a stage in your life at the moment, that can feasibly sustain a solid relationship for long. This isn’t to say that you can’t meet new people and see where life takes you, but it’s important to remember that sometimes love is affected by practicality. It’s not romantic to point out, but if you are in the middle of moving abroad or any other big life change, it’s unlikely that a new love will be able to survive the transition. This links back to the first point – have patience and wait to see whether the universe brings the right person into your life at the right time. On the other hand, however, there’s a reason this point has been left until last; if love is your priority, don’t let practicality get in the way.

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