Tips for Creating a Healthy Home

Your home should be a place that you can escape to whenever you want to relax. It should be a safe haven that allows you to step away from the stresses and strains of daily life. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that your property is a healthy space for you and your loved ones to spend time in. Why put your personal wellbeing at risk, when it is so easy to take control? Below are four steps that will guide you towards a better living environment.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

The first step is to establish a cleaning schedule. If you are going to maintain a healthy home, it is vital that you hold yourself accountable, which is why you should create a chart that outlines all of your cleaning goals. Furthermore, you need to acknowledge that different areas of your home have different requirements. For instance, you will not need to wipe down your floors as often as you vacuum. Equally, you will not need to clean your couch cushions as often as you wash your bedsheets.

Get Your Entire Household on Board

Once you have settled on a suitable cleaning schedule, you should endeavor to get your entire household on board. This will save you from shouldering the burden alone. If you have young children, you should consider creating a chore chart with rewards, as this will provide them with an incentive to get involved. You should also play to the skillset of each family member. Perhaps your partner is especially strong and should be put in charge of taking out the garbage and moving around heavy furniture items. Or, maybe one of your children is particularly creative and could have fun color coding your bookshelves and displaying your prized possessions.

Look After Your Pets

The next step is to look after your pets. If you are going to great lengths to create a healthy home, it is vital that you are not vulnerable to any dangerous or dirty pests. In order to avoid this, you will need to invest in a treatment plan that is suitable for your animal. For example, if you are a proud cat owner, you should purchase Revolution for cats. There is no better way for you to defend your pet, your family, and your property.

Consider Your Guests

Finally, you need to think about all the guests that are coming into your home. If you have an active social life, it is likely that you always have people traipsing in and out of your property. Instead of allowing them to pass on their dirt and bacteria, you need to take preventative measures. One simple solution is to set up a shoe rack by your front door. You could also invest in a doormat and a boot brush. Another clever tip is to leave anti-bacterial hand gel in all of your guest bathrooms (just make sure it doesn't contain triclosan). Last but not least, you should air your property after every visit, as this will freshen up your home and push out any harmful germs. 

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  1. A healthy home is such a nice idea, is my home healthy? me thinks not so much

    1. I think any small changes we can make add up. Even if you're not the "healthiest" home, you can work toward being health(ier). Like I tell myself a LOT about a lot of things. . . . it's not perfect, but it's better than it was!


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